Tips on Profile Picture of Tutor or Coaching Class Promotion

Tips on Profile Picture of Tutor or Coaching Class Promotion

  • 06/02/2022

Does Profile Picture Matter?

What’s the first thing a learner notices when they stumble on your account? No, it's not your description or your experience in coaching it’s your Profile Picture. A profile picture helps people recognize and remember you. Profile Picture plays an important part in the promotion of your coaching or tuition class.

In this article, you will get tips on how to improve your profile picture game.


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You already know that – The first impression is the last; according to a study done by the University of York, it takes only a split second to form an impression of you based on your profile picture. These profile picture helps your learner to form a perception of you. It acts as a window to your personality.

So, if you want to make a great impression, you will need a great profile picture.


Why a Profile Picture is So Important?

A profile picture is like a business card and plays an important part in the marketing strategy of your online classes or tuition classes. It shows people that you are a professional and a credible person. Let’s take an example to imagine you are buying something from a website that looks something like this


15 Best Bad Web Designs SG ideas | design, web design, bad design



What would be your first thought? Is this a fraud website? Similarly, having a bad profile picture or having no profile picture may create such an impression in your audience's head.








5 tips to keep in mind before setting a profile picture:


1. “A smile goes a long way”

Instead of having a stern look on your face, have a nice warm smile in your profile picture. A smile helps develop a sense of trust, credibility, and friendliness in the perceiver’s mind. It makes you look approachable and affectionate.


                            How do you look good in a headshot?





You can probably notice how the man in the first image looks more approachable and confident whereas the man in the second picture looks blank and grumpy.






2. Wear the right clothes

            Imagine you are about to go to a business meeting, would you wear a tattered t-shirt and some shabby shorts? of course not, just like that having the right clothes on in your profile picture is very important. Wearing professional-looking clothes that are relevant to your profession may improve how people perceive you. Professional clothing helps in gaining confidence, authority, and respect. For example, if you are a teacher that teaches mathematics you can wear a formal shirt but if you are a yoga you can resort to activewear/ sportswear.

The Yoga Pants & Shirts Our Team Swears By | ThatSweetGift



3. Refrain from using selfies

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer, your friend or family member might help you with that or you can always use the timer function of your camera. Smartphones nowadays have great camera quality but make sure to use the back camera and not the selfie one for more clarity. For sharper and more focused pictures, you can use the portrait mode of your camera.

Half-Face Selfie Guide: 5 Tips - Facetune2


4.  Don’t use distracting background:

The center of focus should be You. Use a neutral backdrop like white or beige so the picture is not too distracting. Do not ever post a group photo it would be very confusing to know which one you are.

My Creative Scrapbook: Keeping an Eye on Your Photo Background by Tracy  McLennon



5. Don’t go hard on photoshopping

Little adjustments here and there are fine but you don’t want to end up looking completely different and confuse your audience.

Photoshop — Blog post about professional headshot tips and more — Valentina  Sadiul | Headshot Photographer | San Francisco CA


How to choose the right profile picture?


Now you are done taking your pictures but you are not sure which one to use, tools like Photo feeler or Photoeval might help you with that. Photofeeler uses anonymous feedback from other users on your image.

Tools like these measures impressions to score, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. Your picture would be scored on likeability, competency, trustworthiness, etc.  Photofeeler comes in handy when you are looking for unbiased opinions regarding your picture.


 Example of Photofeeler Picture Scoring




Now that you are aware of the impact of a great profile picture, make sure to use these tips before uploading your next profile picture.

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