Tip on Featured Article for promotion

Tip on Featured Article for promotion

  • 21/03/2022

Tips of Promotion using a Featured Article

The Ultimate Guide for Writing a Featured Article:


Are you looking for a perfect way to introduce yourself and come across as a trusting and professional tutor? A great way to achieve this would be to write a Featured Article.

In this era of technological growth creating engaging content has become a staple and blogging is proven to be a foolproof method to inform your audience about your products and services. Another great use of blogging is it acts as an engagement tool it helps to increase awareness and reach a new audience.

This article would serve as an ultimate guide for writing a featured article.

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Source: https://margaretbourne.com/find-inspiration-to-write-blog-post/


What is a featured article?


A featured article is an article that you write to introduce yourself or your brand. It is an excellent way to establish yourself/your brand as credible and trustworthy.



Why is having a featured blog important?


  • Helps in building trust

       Trust plays a very vital role in a teacher-student relationship. A report by American Psychological Association says, “Teachers who have a trusting relationship with their students, results in creating class who is more willing to learn and participate”. It is observed that when a trusting relationship is built between a teacher and a student, the student performs well academically, is more engaging in class, and behaves better. Having a trusting with your students make them safe and comfortable around you. It is very important to create a comfortable environment for learning. Therefore, teachers should always prioritize building a trusting relationship with their students.

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  • Helps in creating awareness

The goal is to make your audience think about you and not your competitors. Writing a featured article increases reach.

  • Helps in building authority

A featured article will boost up your authority and make you come across as a knowledgeable tutor. People will associate you with an expert in the field.


  • Helps with introduction

Your learners should know who you are to get comfortable around you and to relate to you, a featured article might be a perfect opportunity for an introduction about who you are, what is your expertise, what is your experience, etc. it will act like a little window to your personality.

  • Helps in reaching a newer audience

In this myriad of online tutors and apps, you need to stand out therefore having a featured article will help you reach a newer audience as it provides some insights into your credibility and your professionalism.



Tips you should follow while writing your article:


  1. Plan it out.

Before starting to write, jot down ideas about what sort of information you are going to include. As this is will act as an introduction to your future learners you have to make sure to portray an image that is positive, approachable, and professional.  Brainstorm topics you want to cover in your article so that you can create content that is engaging as well as informative.