Tip of Promotion of Coaching Class with a Demo Class

Tip of Promotion of Coaching Class with a Demo Class

  • 07/03/2022

Use these 10 tips to have that perfect demo class.

Congratulations! you made the right choice by deciding to work as a million centers tutor. I’m sure you have planned out everything: what you are going to teach, how you are going teach, who you are going to teach. But do you know how to begin your teaching journey? The answer is- a Demo Class.

This article will highlight tips and tricks that will help you to conduct your first Demo Class.

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So, What Does a Demo Class mean?

A demo class (short for demonstration class) is a class that you organize to introduce yourself and your content to your potential learners. Think of it as an interview meeting where you talk about yourself, your experiences, and your skillsets. A demo class allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise in that particular field. It helps you to exhibit your professionalism and personality.

Having a demo class is a perfect way to kick-start your journey.  





Benefits of having a demo class:

  • Makes you comfortable around the whole idea of coaching

Now, no one wants their first lesson to be chaotic and disorganized, this is where a demo class will help you. The demo class will make you feel acquainted with the process of teaching so that your first official lesson would flow smoothly.

  • Gives the chance for improvement

 You have given your demo class but now you are thinking about all mistakes that you did, well worry not this was just a dummy run, look at it this way, you did the trial you observed some mistakes and before your first class, you get to rectify them.

  • Create a sense of curiosity in the learner’s mind

Imagine this, a learner stumbled across your demo class and was intrigued by your content so whenever you hold a class in the future the learner would attend as you have created a sense of curiosity in his mind.

The Dos and Don’ts of your demo class:


The don’ts:

  1. Not using the proper technology:

Be sure to have any device that has a high video and audio quality. Consider investing in a headset as it will help your learner understand you more clearly. Before starting your demo class double-checks your internet speed too.


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  1. Not having a positive personality:

You have to make sure your learners pay attention to you right from the start to the end one way to achieve this would be smiling throughout and using motivational and encouraging quotes.

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  1. Not having the right clothes on:

Make sure to dress conservatively. Wear clothes that are relevant to your field, for example: if you are teaching Mathematics wear formal clothes, if you are teaching yoga, you can resort to activewear/sportswear.7 tips to begin teaching online - YogaClassPlan.com

Source: https://www.yogaclassplan.com/7-tips-to-begin-teaching-online/



  1. Not having a proper set-up:

The area where you are teaching should be distraction-free, should have good lighting, and should be organized.  If you are a teacher teaching school subjects, using educational materials such as maps, alphabets, etc. in the background would help, if you are teaching cooking having utensils or crockery in the setup might help. Having a good background helps in grabbing the learner’s attention and makes your lesson more interesting.


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Avoid using jargon:

You don’t need to confuse your learners by using complicated language, as they are beginners, you should steer clear from any technical language. The use of unnecessary complex words may bore your learners. Usage of jargon may also cause them to be inattentive and create a huge communication gap.

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  1. “Practice makes Perfect”

There is nothing like too much practice so ensure to practice a lot before your demo class so that you can make a great first impression.


  1. Know the ins and outs

Have thorough knowledge of the field you are teaching. Know the ins and outs of the selected field.