Time Management for Students

Time Management for Students

  • 08/08/2019



In today’s times, a student's time is consumed by things such as a heavy load of homework, family get-togethers, games, Internet and TV. Everything looks significant and exciting when we are students. But when the exam comes, parents and students both, start facing stress. Anxiety increases to a new level during exams. But some students are confident about themselves, and so, their parents do not feel any anxiety.


Habits play an essential role in helping a student.

It's all about having excellent time management skills.


Time management for students


Time management is essential for students to perform the analysis with focus. It is essential for students to receive high marks. The achievement in academics, according to research, depends on how efficient the time management is of the student. It depends on the morals and customs that they acquire during school time. It usually sticks with them when they grow up.


Time management shapes the mind of the student. Discipline is very important particularly in college life, to become better students. Time management is a skill that permits pupils to use their time productively.


Management apps for students


1. Evernote -- Productivity

This program provides a workspace for organizing and storing thoughts, task lists, and notes. Use it to manage school projects, presentations, and work tasks. Don't have the time? You may store a note with photos, voice memos, and much more.


2. Remember the Milk -- Task List Manager

The best task list program, Remember the Milk provides adult students with a simple way to add duties and prioritize when coursework (or anything else in your life) is due. You may break tasks up. Customize your job lists for home, school, and work and receive reminders anywhere, through Twitter, text, IM, email, or programs.


3. MyLifeOrganized -- Task List Manager

An app that offers task MyLifeOrganized syncs lists direction with particular goals in mind and can set tasks. Generate a list of action items needed to mark tasks complete or use the calendar and the features to arrange responsibilities for your work, school, and home life.


4. Focus Booster -- Time Manager

Modeled after the Pomodoro technique, Focus Booster permits you to divide your program into bite-sized chunks. There are dashboards for break reminders. The time used will help you be more productive.


Techniques for time management


  1. To-Do Lists helps you achieve more. Record all the things you will need to keep focus. Do not forget to reward yourself for a job once you complete the jobs. It will motivate you.


  1. Prioritize Tasks on your To-Do List to ensure the time-sensitive and most important ones are completed.


  1. Keep your focus dedicated to the task at hand. Paying full attention will help you finish tasks sooner. So, put your phone on silent and get going!


  1. Create a plan that prevents you from putting off till tomorrow what you can achieve today. Create a calendar with your deadlines and dates so that you can see the big picture.


  1. Break big tasks into smaller ones which can be attained easily -- the job will be carried out before you know it!


  1. Decide on, and stick to it. Set aside time every day and allow family members, your friends, and coworkers know when this is so that it goes uninterrupted.


  1. Organization of work is a great time saver. Creating a filing system with categories, allows you to find a document quickly. By filing items away, keep your research area clutter-free. The less time spent hunting down something, the longer you have for completing essential tasks!


  1. By having something available to perform, use downtime to your advantage. Access your eBook and read a chapter while waiting in the physician's office, study your notes, or view your To-Do List from your mobile phone.


  1. Locate your 'Productive Time Zone'.

Make the most of this energy and program your "class time" as near as it is possible. Make certain to keep up your productivity levels by taking scheduled breaks.


It is essential that you have a proper routine for everything and adopt good habits in order to manage your time effectively.

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Ananya Shetty is studying Physics in IIT Madras and is the co-founder of a startup called Quantica Computacao. She is a passionate entrepreneur, blogger and traveller who has also published a novel named A Fuse in Time The Vision of the Future

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