This 6 year old tiny toddler has just won the biggest dance competition of India

This 6 year old tiny toddler has just won the biggest dance competition of India

  • 24/06/2019

What were you doing when you were six...?

Rupsa Batabyal isn’t your ordinary six year old girl; she is a super dancer with a talent that is envied by millions.

And now this wonder kid has just made everyone proud by winning the grand finale of SuperDancer 3rd season – this 6 year old tiny tot from Kolkata has won hearts and accolades for her mesmerizing dancing talent and now she has the winning trophy to her credit too!


Super Dancer attracted dancing talents from all parts of India; every performer who graced the stage had a talent and passion for dance which showed when they tapped their feet on the grand stage.

But it was Rupsa Batabyal, the six year old little wonder, who wooed the judges and the audiences week after week with her amazing talent.

The young girl and her super guru ‘Nishant Bhatt’ have been awarded the winning trophy and cash prizes worth 15 lakhs and 5 lakhs respectively.

After celebrating her grand win on India’s biggest dance reality show, Rupsa said “I am very happy to have won the trophy of ‘Super Dancer Chapter 3’, and I will continue to dance as it my biggest love. I want to go back home to Kolkata and celebrate with my family”.

Judges Anurag Basu, Geeta Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty Kundra saw the talented performers giving it their final shot on the show. 

Shilpa Shetty also performed Bharatnatyam for the first time on the show, she was so impressed by Rupsa’s performance that she went out on the stage and kissed her feet in admiration!


Little Rupsa’s talent and love for dancing is an amazing moment of proud for her parents and guru.

Plus, it is also a reminder for other parents who should encourage their kids to follow a hobby or creative passion in life.

When kids do what they love, they can really do some wonderful things that can surprise the world.  

Congratulations Rupsa, you deserve every bit of the praise and recognition for your amazing dancing talent!

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