The Top 10 Cooking Classes in Canberra

The Top 10 Cooking Classes in Canberra

  • 17/04/2022

The Top 10 Cooking Classes in Canberra:

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Looking to do something fun and productive with your weekend? Then attending a cooking class is a perfect choice for you. You can have a bonding session with your colleagues or have a fun time with your friends or have a romantic time with your partner. Cooking together is a great way to connect with someone and form a bond with them. Attending a cooking class has a myriad of benefits such as:

  • You can try out new dishes:

One can easily get tired of eating the same food over and over again so if you are looking to jazz things a bit, you can try a cooking class. A cooking class opens you to a whole lot of techniques, tips, secrets, and much more.

 A cooking class is a perfect space to try and learn new things as you have an instructor to guide you throughout the process.

  • Great way to meet new people:

If you are a homebody then attending a cooking class is a great way to socialize. As the classes are packed, which is ideal to strike up a conversation with new people, maybe you can chat about cooking or get their help if you are struggling with the class.

  • Introduces you to new recipes:

All of us are stuck in the same routine, cooking the same dishes over and over again as we are accustomed to it but cooking class is a perfect inspiration and opportunity to learn how to make new dishes.

If you are tired of eating Thai, you can take a class on French cuisine, or if you are tired of eating Indian cuisine you can learn Japanese cuisine and such.

  • Teaches you new skills:

Taking up a cooking class enables one to have a few tips and skills up their sleeves and makes them feel like a professional. As one is making whole new recipes that have different ways of cooking them, one learns a lot and picks up a lot of new tricks and skills.

Now is the perfect time for you to enroll in a cooking class. In this article, we have selected the top 10 and best cooking classes in Canberra in 2022.



















  1. For Heaven’s Cake, dripping cake decorating class:

For Heaven’s way is the perfect cooking class for beginners who are looking for lessons on decorating a cake, making a ganache for the cake, and learning marbling techniques.

Make a Drip Cake Decorating Class















Strathnairn Arts – 90, Stockdill Drive, Holt ACT


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  1. Seafood BBQ Cooking class:

If you are a fan of seafood and BBQ and want to take your BBQ game to a next level? Then BBQ Cooking School’s lessons are the way to go! Here you can learn to prepare restaurant-quality seafood dishes all on your own.