The secret behind Meghan Markle's creative hobby is out (and how you can learn it)

The secret behind Meghan Markle's creative hobby is out (and how you can learn it)

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 23/05/2018

If you haven't been living under a rock, you probably know this already, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially married and are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After all, the royal wedding was one of the most iconic celebrations of love and companionship in the recent years with more than 50 million people watched the event as it took place.

Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, is now officially a member of the Royal Family and that's no surprise. However, what's surprising is that before walking down the aisle with Prince Harry and saying "I Do" - Meghan Markle not only did swoon audiences with her acting talent (she used to be a part of 'Suits'), she also worked as a calligrapher!

In an interview, Meghan revealed that among her many interests, she loves Calligraphy. Notably, her handwriting and penmanship was cultivated during her schooling when she was six. She also went on to add that her skill helped her land side-gigs while she was working hard and auditioning to be an actress.

"When I was auditioning, at the onset, instead of waiting tables, I did calligraphy," Meghan Markle told reporters. Not only practicing, she also spent her time teaching the art of calligraphy at a Paper Source store in Beverly Hills, California. Not only that, Meghan also did calligraphy for wedding invites for Hollywood stars like Paula Patton and Robin Thicke.

This is not only an inspiration for people who want to learn a creative hobby, but also a lesson in the importance of having a unique skill in life that can add value and joy in life.

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For those wondering about learning calligraphy as a hobby, let us give you 5 simple steps to learn calligraphy -


Step 1: Understand Calligraphy


The art form of creating beautiful letters using handwriting to create beautiful words and phrases. Using pressure, hand loops, flourishes and pen strokes, you can give life to letters and unleash your creativity through calligraphy.

Calligraphy is a skill, not a gift. So, anyone can learn and master it with enough practice, right guidance and tools.


Step 2: Pick the Right Tools


Calligraphy relies on using the right nib width and pen style to practice different styles accurately. For example - if you want to create a fine print on paper, you would need a fine nib for that. Similarly, if you want to create italic handwriting effect, it's important to use italic nibs for the right effect.

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Also, calligraphy is best practiced and learned using a practice or layout paper. This will help you learn the different pen strokes while not deviating from the physical guidelines marked on the paper.


Step 3: Find a Calligraphy Tutor


Learning a new skill takes time, especially when you have a busy schedule in life. For starters, it is recommended to find a calligraphy tutor near them that can help you to stay focussed, practice regularly and get feedback on your progress.

Even if your current schedule doesn't allow you to sign up for a physical calligraphy class, there are numerous online resources to get you started. From social media accounts that promote calligraphy and lettering to online courses for learning calligraphy, internet is a great place to learn anything new (including Calligraphy).

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Before you start learning

Like every good skill or hobby, learning calligraphy takes time and patience. Before you start learning, don't forget the helpful tips and advice from Meghan Markle for aspiring calligraphy artists, she says - "The number one thing is you have to take time. Just do fluid strokes, you don't always need a fancy pen to start learning. And here's the other thing, you have to write in a way that's authentic to you."

We agree with you, Meghan! Thank you for inspiring people around the world with your talent and art.

So, if you are ready to learn calligraphy - start now and make sure to practice a lot. Remember the fact that the more often you do something, the better you get at it!

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