The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher

The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher

  • 25/09/2019

World Teachers Day was initiated to understand, discuss and assess problems identified with instructors, and issues aligned with the education process as a whole. World Teachers Day has been held every October 5th since 1994 and provides a forum for educators in acknowledging and improving their skills that would benefit them in their profession. The annual event considers that academic needs are constantly changing, and these requirements need to be met by educators and instructors alike. World Teachers Day is a massive show of gratitude to the sacrifices and commitment that comes with teaching,


World Teachers Day Theme For 2018

The theme for World Teachers Day 2018 holds great significance within the field and how it’s represented. ‘The Right To Education Means The Right To A Qualified Teacher,’ conveys that education, which is one of the most complex and sensitive areas in social services, require guides that are capable of the responsibility.


What is a qualified teacher?

A qualified teacher may be defined as a teacher who meets at least minimal academic requirements and qualifications that is necessary to teach students, at the concerned level in a particular region or country. Qualified teachers are essential for a good education. A qualified teacher, however, cannot be considered to be the same as a trained teacher, who are those who’ve only received formal training on teaching but doesn’t have the experience to implement their teachings to the students. Most low-income countries face the problem of a shortage in both trained as well as qualified teachers.


Acknowledging the shortage of qualified teachers

Most teacher’s education programmes and courses vary from a duration of one to four years, may or may not require prior academic qualification, may or may not provide practical implementation or a supervised teaching session. These differences in training and gaining qualifications result in affecting the overall instructional quality provided by the teachers and eventually changing the students as well. It causes a shortage in qualified teachers, which has a significant impact on low-income countries as they rely on bringing in temporary educators who do not precisely meet the qualification and training requirements which drastically affects the education system. A country with a good education system may suffer if the teachers are not qualified enough to implement the system effectively.


Importance of the right to qualified education

The right to education is a fundamental human right, helping in transforming lives by encouraging social and economic development. It helps in maintaining peace and a sense of social inclusion through a complete understanding of the way the world functions. It provides the younger population with the opportunity to reach their potential. In many countries and regions within them, youngsters are deprived of proper education due to the shortage of qualified instructors. Statistics have revealed that there are more than 263 million children all over the world who haven’t attended school, and more than 617 million youngsters are not educated in basic numeracy and literacy.


The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher. The theme for World Teachers Day 2018 attempts to portray the significance of qualified teachers, and their contribution to a developing society. The event serves a reminder to institutions and governments the importance of a well-grounded teaching workforce – in poverty-affected countries as well. It considers the importance of ensuring that all children have access to trusted and valued education. It also emphasises on the importance of qualified teachers who can meet the needs of all students, irrespective of their region and level of education, and encourages more training procedures for educators to ensure that they are trained and have the pedagogical skills to implement their teachings. Enrolling your child with Millioncenters coaching classes will give them the opportunity to learn under highly qualified teachers, who have completed all the necessary requirements and expectations that us expected. Your child will get the best training possible from Millioncenters.


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