The How and Why of Learning Yoga as a Hobby in Life

The How and Why of Learning Yoga as a Hobby in Life

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 16/09/2017

Maybe your friend wants you to take up Yoga as a hobby. or maybe your parents - You are enticed and cannot wait to join Yoga classes near you but then you wait. You wait to think whether you would have the time and energy to practice Yoga in your daily routine? You have doubts regarding the success of Yoga activity for a healthier you?

So, what makes Yoga so popular and how can you reap the benefits of learning it?

Starting as a series of conventional body-weight movements and postures to boost flexibility, agility and strength, Yoga is a years old practice which now falls into various categories, based on what their results are. 

Be it Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga or Hatha Yoga, the types of Yoga might differ but the basics remain the same. They all have one important benefit - a healthy mind, body and soul workout perfect for busy people who want to get started on their wellness journey. 

Whether you want a glowing skin, a fitter body or a relaxed mind, Yoga as a hobby is the perfect way to make time for your health and wellness without the need for any special equipment or a dedicated teacher. 

Still wondering what it is about Yoga that makes it tick all the right boxes? Read on to know why Yoga is a perfect hobby you can learn in life - 

Why You Must Say Yes to Yoga!

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There are different benefits of Yoga and different asanas (poses) are recommended by the instructors which help in curing and preventing chronic illness including weak immune, several types of aches, constipation and cancer too. People who practice Yoga regularly suggest that Yoga reduces mental worries and stress; it helps in increasing your concentration and mental power.  

It is extremely helpful for those who have difficulties in focusing their thoughts or those who constantly fear the unseen or suffering from depression and anxiety. When Yoga becomes your hobby, you will be able to improve your immunity and forge better relationships with a relaxed demeanor in life.

Yoga mixed with meditation helps in learning the most valuable lessons of life.  It will not only help you stay calm and composed in tough times but will also boost your self-realization. 

By spending a moment to look inward, we can find the real aim of life and forego small and immaterial incidents. By practicing Yoga daily, you can discover an improved focus and strength to face the challenges of life.

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You probably don't want your body to be a home for diseases like heart problems, constipation, depression, obesity, anxiety as you grow old in life. Yoga is proven to treat various health problems and chronic issues. If you are short of time, then try personalized Yoga by signing up for professional Yoga classes at your home

Different postures in Yoga target different areas of your body and thus you can easily design a personalized yoga sequence and manage your time and schedule perfectly.

Did you know that practicing Yoga with your spouse can increase your intimacy and improve your love life? Well, if that's news for you then try it today and feel the difference! 

Yoga is extremely beneficial for pregnant women too; ladies who complain back pain and hip pain due to the added weight in their abdomen must practice Yoga under an instructor to get relief from physical pain and mental anxiety and nervousness.

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Athletes add various Yoga asanas to their workouts and fitness regimes for developing greater flexibility, endurance and muscle strength. Based on which part of your body you want to workout, there is a specific Yoga asana to help you reach your fitness goals. Runners, swimmers, and many other athletes and sports persons practice yoga for achieving toned body, relaxed mind and improved concentration.

Did you know Yoga can help you maintain your beauty and charm?  Yoga can help detoxify your body from harmful toxins and chemicals (it is no surprise that even your favorite celebrities swear by Yoga as a hobby for a glowing skin). 

As Yoga stimulates the metabolism, it will help you shed that flab without any special diet or crash exercise courses.  Next time, hit Yoga center instead of visiting the beauty salon and see the difference for yourself!

The Takeaway

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Yoga helps in boosting energy levels and thus it is helpful for those who are usually too lazy to exercise or workout. Irrespective of your age, gender or schedule, Yoga can be easily learned online and practiced at home and you can join your fitness journey with the help of a variety of books, videos and online lessons for Yoga.

Try Yoga for improving their physical and mental balance, increasing strength and flexibility and fighting stress. Your hobby can become your fitness mantra (if you chose to practice it every day). Plus, it is one of the few inexpensive hobbies (and habits) that'll give you rich rewards in life! 

Feel inspired to start your Yogi jounrey in your life? Explore the best Yoga classes and centers near you with today! 


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