The Hormones of Happiness : How to Be Happy According to Science

The Hormones of Happiness : How to Be Happy According to Science

  • Captain Surinder
  • 08/12/2018

We all ask this question to ourselves - "Are we truly happy?"

And if the answer is no - then we ask another question “how to be happy?

I am sure some of us are truly happy, blessed with the right job, career, dream car, supporting spouse (that also makes you lucky) and a loving family.

Isn’t that the right composition for a truly happy life?

Turns out, there is more to happiness than meets the eye.

As per science - our happiness is based on both internal as well as external factors. I have already mentioned few of the external factors above so let me dive straight into the internal factors that contribute to our happiness.

Before I get to that – let me give you all a walk down the memory lane.

Do you remember how as kids we used to have too little and yet we felt happy, excited, joyous and content.

So, what was going on then?

The reason is - kids don’t rely on external factors for finding happiness. They don't seek anything outside themselves to be happy. Their joy arises from their inner selves and is a combination of some hormones at work.

These are called the ‘Happy Hormones’.

Scientifically speaking - these are the 4 kinds of hormones needed by our body to stay happy from inside. Knowing about them is to get your inner dose of happiness.

These happy hormones are -

  1. Endorphins
  2. Dopamine
  3. Serotonin
  4. Oxytocin


Now before you run a search on how to find quick fixes to secrete these hormones – stop and read the rest of what I have to share.

What if I told you there’s no need for any substance or pill to hack your way to happiness?

If you are willing to know the science behind happiness, let me explain each of these hormones and the role they play in our emotional well-being.


Happy Hormone #1 EndorphinExercise and Laughter


This hormone is produced in our body when we exercise, as it helps body cope up with the pain of muscle stretches, tear etc. It is also released when we laugh, so the more we socialize, we get more opportunities to laugh.

You should try joining early morning laughter clubs in parks. As a thumb rule - we should spend atleast 30 minutes, exercising each day, with good moments to laugh. If you don’t have enough time, try catching up on a good comic show, movie or event near you.

If you want to get your endorphins secreted - I would recommend you to join a fitness club near you or be a part of a community that promotes physical workout and hobbies like – yoga, cardio, Zumba or aerobics.

Our body needs its minimum requirement of physical movement and exercise to stay active and release endorphins. That is why a lot of people workout immediately after waking up and get that healthy, happy glow on their faces for the rest of the day.

If you haven’t already – I urge you to take up a physical activity in your daily routine and hack your way to happiness with exercise.

Here are few ways to get your healthy dose of endorphins naturally -


Happy Hormone #2 DopamineAchievement and Appreciation 


Have you ever wondered why some of us are so addicted to achieving, winning, gaining and accomplishing more in life?

It’s partly driven by our need to release dopamine in our body. 

Studies have associated successful people having high level of dopamine in their bodies as a result of their ambitious and motivated nature.

If you want to get your dopamine secreted – try doing activities that involve you to flex your mind, think creatively and contribute in some way that gives results.

Both kids and adults need dopamine as the hormone to drive action and passion. I would recommend you to join a hobby class near you and pick up something creative – playing music, drawing, sketching, pottery or basically anything that gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

For parents - it is important to appreciate their kids whenever they indulge in any activity. Be it sports, academics or vocational courses – kids should be encouraged to think, act and achieve something in life.

Also, if you are a teacher, trainer or tutor yourself – the best way to get your dose of dopamine naturally is to share your knowledge and teach what you love. This will not only give you a sense of purpose but will also suffice for your happiness hormone requirement!

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 Here are few ways to get your healthy dose of dopamine naturally –


 Happy Hormone #3 Serotonin – Giving, Caring & Sharing