The Benefits of Learning Zentangle as a Hobby and How It Can Help You Relax

The Benefits of Learning Zentangle as a Hobby and How It Can Help You Relax

  • 26/04/2019

Are you looking for a creative, fun and relaxing hobby that doesn’t cost much money?

Zentangle’ is what you need to try!

For those who don’t know – Zentangle is the art of making abstract patterns using paper and pen. These patterns or ‘tangles’ can be drawn using lines, curves, dots and orbs.

It is a simple, low-cost hobby that can be learned and practiced easily! 




In case you are wondering – no you don’t need to have a background in arts or a professional knowledge to learn ‘Zentangle’.

It is pretty simple to make interesting drawings with regular pen and practice!

Whether you’re a stay-at-home housewife or a college kid – learn how this creative hobby will bring back the ‘zen’ in your busy life!


What is Zentangle?

‘Zentangle’ is a method using which one draws patterns, shapes and structures on paper. You don’t need any special tools or skills to learn it – just a paper and pen will get you started.


Why should you learn Zentangle?

If you are bored in life and want to de-stress with a creative and fun hobby – ‘Zentangle’ is what you should try.  

Learning a hobby brings us joy and satisfaction, and the beautiful art of ‘Zentangle’ is a perfect way to express your inner creativity and feel artistic.



Here are few benefits of ‘Zentangle’ making it a creative hobby that you should learn:

  1. It can help you relax
  2. It can help you break addiction from smart phone and gadgets
  3. It is therapeutic
  4. It can improve your hand-eye coordination
  5. It can nurture your creativity and design skills


Can I learn Zentangle at home?

Yes you can.

‘Zentangle’ patterns are easy-to-understand and practice - so you can learn it at home. It typically requires a black ink pen and a white paper to start with.


How can I start learning Zentangle?



If you are ready to try your hand at ‘Zentangle’ - here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Get your supplies like paper and pen ready with you
  2. Draw a structure – it could be a shape like square  or circle
  3. Start drawing your tangles (or patterns) – if you are not sure how to find or draw a pattern, here is a helpful resource.
  4. You can draw multiple patterns on the same page or sheet. You can use a ruler to draw lines or a compass to draw circles.
  5. Once you have your patterns or ‘tangles’ ready, start filling them using pen.
  6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and continue to add more depth to your patterns using your imagination.


Some tips to know while you learn and practice Zentangle:




  1. Be relaxed and take a deep breath before you start
  2. Don’t worry about making mistakes, with time and practice you’ll improve
  3. Choose a peaceful and calm place to practice
  4. Set up music to relax and stay concentrated
  5. While practicing, take pauses in between and try to come up with new inking or pattern ideas
  6. Practice regularly


Are you ready to Zentangle?

‘Zentangle’ is a wonderful way to pass your time doing something creative and fun. Zentangle is good for kids and adults who can engage themselves in this artistic hobby.

Plus, it can serve as your stress-busting hobby to help you unwind and relax in life.