The Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma

The Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma

  • 19/07/2021

The Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma


The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a diploma course or secondary school academic program that extends for a period and tenure of two years. It is open to and for all students between 16 to 19 years of age. It offers students an all-inclusive education, incorporating various subjects. They can include Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, and foreign languages, together with a service component. The curriculum requires the course takers to select six compulsory subjects and complete each of them with their demanding and arduous coursework. They can take three to four of these disciplines at the “Higher” level and the rest at the “Standard” one. The former is strikingly more challenging than the latter. 


In addition to the mandatory subjects, the students have to fulfill three other essential requirements, altogether known as CAS (creativity, activity, and service). The first comprises a lengthy and elaborative essay on any topic of independent research. The second requires the course takers to participate in varied and multiple extra and co-curricular activities. The third and final encompasses a compulsory Theory of Knowledge course that teaches and covers the knowledge and aspects of epistemology and critical thinking.


Eligibility Criteria for the IB Diploma Program


The Diploma course of International Baccalaureate is rigorous with strict eligibility criteria and associated requirements for it. The students must meet these parameters in their tenth grade, right before they reach the age when they can enroll in and for the program. Those who apply for the course must demonstrate and prove their work ethics, aptitude, and previous academic achievements to qualify for it.


The parameters that the students must accomplish for gaining eligibility for the IB diploma program include the following:


  • They must achieve a minimum of 75% in all the required subjects for each of the “Higher” Level course selections based on the Alberta grading scale.
  • They must complete Math 20-1 or Math 10C or other equivalent courses.
  • They must achieve an overall average of 70% in the finals based on the Alberta grading scale.
  • They must complete all the Dash-1 courses or their equivalents.
  • They must achieve a minimum of 65% in all the required subjects, based on the Alberta grading scale for each of the program’s Standard Level course selections. 


Advantages of Securing an IB Diploma


The course takers receive the IB diploma at the end of the two years on completing all the courses and meeting all the requirements of the entire program. This certificate does not merely imply the end of the curriculum. It signifies the enhancement of critical thinking and a boost in the ability to analyze information of the graduated student. In addition to personal improvement, the IB diploma brings with it a colossal number of benefits. Let us see what they are.


  • High Rate of Acceptance


Students who manage to pass the gruesome course and achieve the IB diploma have a noticeably higher chance of getting accepted to renowned universities and colleges. It stands true when compared to students of and from other boards of education. It is primarily because the diploma itself serves as proof of the superior abilities and capabilities of the graduated student. 


That is why most parents and their children seek an IB diploma tuition because it secures the chance of the student qualifying for the program and passing it with flying colors. 


  • Better Opportunities for Domestic and Abroad Scholarships


Since the IB diploma proves the superior credibility of the student, it serves as a significant asset to set them apart from the rest. Thus, the certificate can help the graduated individuals secure scholarship opportunities both within the country and even outside of it. It can apply to numerous fields and domains of education.


The international recognition that stems from the IB diploma helps the student significantly in this aspect. It bridges the gap that develops due to the different styles, manners, and methodologies employed in the teaching and learning systems of colleges and universities worldwide. Multiple countries accept IB diploma holders for entrance into their educational institutes and proffer prestigious scholarships to them. A few of them include Spain, India, Italy, France, Turkey, and so on.  


  • Lifelong Knowledge and Learning


IB is a course that implements its teaching and learning system in such a way so that the course takers can retain the learned and acquired concepts and ideas throughout their lives. The course requires the students to explore and learn about various hypotheses and theories. Thus, it allows them to develop a deep knowledge base of the numerous subjects and disciplines of local and global significance. It also allows them to utilize their comprehension and understanding in practical and day-to-day life problems and solve them in a creative, unique, and ingenious manner.


Additionally, the program guarantees the credibility of an IB diploma tutor. The International Baccalaureate Organization instructs and prepares its teachers to meet every demand and requirement of the course takers using numerous strategies and methods. 


  • Free but Disciplined Mindset


The IB diploma program appreciates and delivers to the students the notions of different and diverse cultures. It introduces them to the sense and idea of an open perception and outlook towards the various traditions, values, and lives of people worldwide. The course does not only teach necessary subjects. It also implores the students to explore the world without any stereotypes and prejudices.   


The curriculum helps the students develop an independent, expressive, and passionate mindset that aids them in defending their beliefs and achieving their future goals and dreams. The course takers learn with varied views and opinions and nurturing an invaluable experience.   


Despite their free and open approach to life, all graduates of the IB interdisciplinary course give off a well-organized, righteous, ethical, and meticulous impression. They act with honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness with people from different walks of life. Overall, the IB diploma program cultivates the students into international-minded personages. 


  • Ability to Converse with Foreigner


The IB diploma course mandates the students to learn at least one foreign language as a compulsory subject. It is up to the student’s discretion what they choose; French, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc.


This compulsion helps the graduates and IB diploma holders significantly when they work in the corporate or any other sector. It allows them to interact and communicate with foreign dignitaries and clients to secure a deal and maintain stable relationships. It also aids them in getting a job outside their home country and thrive well there. 


  • Time Management 


Success and achievements in the IB diploma program and curriculum revolve around the balance of various elements. Time management is a significant factor among them. It can get owed to the fact that each of the six compulsory subjects of the course encompasses its research projects with uncountable adjustments and revisions. All of these take up a considerable amount of time in the student’s work schedule.


The course takers have to work on multiple projects and assignments simultaneously, and some might even have conflicting deadlines. Hence, they need to learn how to manage their time and workload early on in the course. It prevents them from failing to achieve the desired results later on. 


This experience of managing their time and work sets the students apart from the procrastinators and those who cannot create a proper schedule. Hence, in the case of college and university admission and job recruitments, they are superior to their peers. It also helps the graduates throughout their lives as time management is a skill that comes in handy anywhere.


  • Research Skills and Critical Thinking


The IB diploma program focuses intensely on critical thinking, encouraging the course takers to have an analytical view of the world. It urges the students to examine and question the source and reliability of the pre-ordained knowledge and research. This manner of thinking becomes beneficial and valuable in tertiary learning. It allows the individuals to raise queries on and against the information that they are learning. It even gives them the confidence to debate with a professor to prove their points.    


Primary or secondary research is one of the additional requirements of the IB diploma course. It helps the students develop a rational, logical, and investigative mindset that allows them to think, devise, and propose brand new concepts and ideas. Their notions may even expand to be of global significance. 


  • Better Understanding of Oneself


Each student has a different manner and pace of learning. Some may employ tools to help them in their studies; others may not require it. This discovery of oneself as an individual and one’s unique way of acquiring knowledge is amplified and aided by the IB diploma program. 


The course allows the students to know their strengths, areas of weaknesses, supervision, and improvements, opportunities, and the elements that can prove to be a threat to them and their success. It helps the course takers develop their skills and lead themselves towards the outcomes they aim for and wish to seek. 


  • Development of Hard and Soft Skills


The International Baccalaureate course entails the learning, development, and usage of several technical, academic, and soft skills that prove to be exceedingly beneficial in all stages of life. The curriculum that encompasses extended essays (EE), internal assessments (IAs), and CAS activities helps the students develop their proficiencies, dexterities, talents, and aptitudes. 


Such expertise can include essay writing, paraphrasing and referencing abilities, public speaking and leadership skills, body language management, technical knowledge, and so on. All of them help the student in the smooth transition into college and university life. 


That is why IB tuition in Singapore, the United States of America, China, the United Kingdoms, and several other countries is so revered and sought after. It helps bring out and strengthen the potentials and talents lying dormant within each student. 


  • Preparation for and Entry Into a College or University of Choice


The curriculum of the IB diploma program comprises subjects and disciplines from various domains. They help the course takers prepare for any stream that they may take in their college or university. The reason concerns the college-level studies, assignments, and course works that involve extensive research and analysis of the program.


The six chief or fundamental IB subject groups encompass the following:


  1. Language Acquisition
  2. Mathematics
  3. Studies in Literature and Language
  4. Arts
  5. Experimental Sciences
  6. Individuals and Societies


The three IB core subjects include the following:


  1. CAS (creativity, activity, and service)
  2. TOK (Theory of Knowledge)
  3. EE (Extended Essay: research paper of 4000 words) 


Overall, the IB diploma program focuses on the process and journey of solving an issue and not the final result. It helps in out-of-the-box thinking and the prompt and efficient usage of skills and knowledge in real-life situations. 


Many universities utilize the IB subjects and courses to determine the placement opportunities and credits that a student can earn. Depending on where the IB diploma holder gets admission, they can get placed in higher-level curriculums. It stems from the experience they have. They can also directly receive the credits for their IB diploma courses. This feature permits them to save time, effort, and money in acquiring their university degree. 



Earning an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is a prestigious matter of its own beyond all its benefits. Despite its rigorous course content, the number of IB diploma course takers and individuals opting for IB home tuition in Singapore, China, Italy, India, France, and other nations has not seen any decline. The program teaches the students how to analyze, think, implement their knowledge, and inspect various aspects with a critical mindset. It encourages and guides students to view the subjects and materials in a way or manner that colleges and universities use to prepare them for the world beyond. 


The independent and extensive research projects of the IB diploma program provide a unique opportunity to the course takers that they would otherwise never get to experience at their level. 


However, the IB diploma course is not merely about studying and assignment submission. It allows the students to concentrate their academic potential and energy on a topic they find interesting. This fact alone makes the curriculum enjoyable for them. With compulsory sports, the course takers get to move their bodies and refresh their minds. Additionally, the program opens them to a world they achieved based on their merits and hard work. Here, they are superior to their peers in all aspects. 




This is a guest article by Kai Metcalfe.

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