The Amazing Science of Grapho Therapy (and how changing your handwriting can change your life)

The Amazing Science of Grapho Therapy (and how changing your handwriting can change your life)

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 31/10/2018

Did you know that our minds have a direct connection with the way we write?

Can you believe that your handwriting can give insights into your personality?

If you didn’t know about this - now you will!

This is all possible by an amazing science called ‘Grapho Analysis’.

Grapho Analysis (or Graphology) is the science of studying a person’s handwriting traits and analyzing his/her character in detail through the strokes in the written text.

The science of Grapho Analysis (or Graphology) goes back to around 2000 BC in the times of Aristotle - when he discovered the relation between the human mind and their handwriting.

For the uninitiated, Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist who is also considered as the ‘Father of Western Philosophy’. He was the first one to relate the handwriting of a person and identify their personality, characteristics and nature!

The popularity of Grapho Analysis has picked up only a few decades ago, when this science started getting widely accepted as an aid in recruitments, guidance to students/teachers/parents, career counseling and last but not the least, self-improvement.

This amazing science can reveal a whole lot about you than you think by just looking at how you write!

Some of the personality traits that can be understood using one’s handwriting are -

  • Intelligence
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Friendliness and Loyalty
  • Emotional stability
  • Frankness or Secretiveness
  • Determination and Enthusiasm
  • Self-Confidence
  • Temper
  • Sensitivity
  • Organizing ability, engineering ability, creativity & imaginative ability
  • Initiative level
  • Ambition and Will-Power
  • Dishonesty and Greed
  • Concentration power and Precision
  • Independence

By analyzing the size of your written letters, the spaces between your words, the amount of pen pressure applied and many more techniques, almost every trait and unique aspects of one's personality can be deciphered through this analysis.

Here are few examples -

You might be wondering – “Analyzing personality traits from handwriting is nice, but what is the real use or benefit of this science?”

The answer is – Grapho Analysis has now matured into a branch of science and psychology that is used to help people improve their lives.

This branch is known as Grapho therapy.

So what exactly is Grapho Therapy?

Basically, it is a form of psychotherapy that relies on changing (or improving) the handwriting of an individual to improve their personality traits.

Today, Grapho Therapy is used by psychologists and neuroscientists to gain insights about patients and help them overcome negative aspects of their personality.

For example – if someone is going through depression, anxiety or low self-esteem, psychologists can use Grapho Therapy to suggest remedial measures.

There’s even a book that goes by the name of ‘Change your Handwriting, Change your Life’ and you can read more about it here.

All one needs is commitment to stick to a schedule and practice the suggested handwriting exercises to overcome negative traits and convert them into a positive one. Even changing your signature can have an impact on your overall personality and psychology!

It might sound like a fluke or just another trick in the book of psychologists but the truth is many people have tried Grapho Therapy to enforce positive behavior and have felt better. There are numerous examples where both adults and kids have benefitted from this science.

Does that mean that the pen is mightier than the medicine?

Studies have proven the unique relationship between our hands and our brain when it comes to self-expression, thinking and motor-skill development.

No matter whether you are a believer or not - maybe, now you will understand why your handwriting tells more about you than you think!

What are your thoughts about changing your handwriting to change your life? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. – If you are interested to learn more about Grapho Therapy and how it can be used to improve your personality, you can consult Naveen Toshniwal. He is a Grapho Therapy specialist and a trait reader from Jaipur with years of experience and knowledge. Visit his website here.

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