Test for Employment in Various Industries Banking Call Center Healthcare IT

Test for Employment in Various Industries Banking Call Center Healthcare IT

  • 26/11/2019

Know More about Test for Employment in Various Industries

Pre employment tests are used to help enterprises in making better hiring decisions. For decades organizations have used a variety of methods to hire employees with varying results. What enterprises need in this technology-based world was a standardized test pattern that would enable them to filter and select the best candidates for the job.

Assessing candidates based on all parameters will make it easier to pick the ones who are best suited to work with the organization. There are many benefits of using the pre employment assessments to identify the critical traits of candidates before they are hired by the enterprise.

  • Reduce the time spent on hiring by around 60%. One pre employment test can be used instead of multiple other tests.
  • Pre employment tests are cost-effective, and enterprises have saved up to 70% by switching over to these standardized test forms.
  • Conducting the tests to shortlist candidates for interviews will provide the HR team with an opportunity to frame separate questions for each candidate. Since the assessment tests will provide the team with more than basic information about the candidate, the interview3s can be more productive.
  • Enterprises can be assured that the selected candidates possess the necessary skills for the job. Favoritism cannot play a part in the process as the test forms are processed by the system. Also, the risk of making an error while shortlisting the candidates is also minimized.
  • The tests are conducted online and allow any number of candidates to attempt them from their current locations. The candidates would be informed in advance about the test and a link will be attached in the email.
  • The candidates do not have to install any new software or plugins to attempt the test. The Advanced simulations make it easy to design tests in real-time.
  • Audio and video interviews can be included as a part of the Test For Employment. This will allow enterprises to verify the identity of the candidate who is taking the test.
  • When conducted with proper background work, pre employment tests will reduce the chances of bad hires and lower the employee turnover percentage.

Let us now take a look at some of the different industries in which the pre employment tests can be conducted. The volume of the business or the size of the organization is no issue with these assessments.

  • Call Center
    • Do you know that more than 85% of customers would pay more if they got good service? Also, 40% of the customers tend to make more purchases if the customer service is great.
    • Do enterprises need any more reasons to invest in employing worthy customer care representatives and call center agents? We think not.
    • Time management, problem-solving, clear communication skills, decision-making, language proficiency, and typing skills are mainly tested for call center jobs.
  • Administration 
    • Statistically speaking, the jobs that require basic knowledge in computers have gone up by more than 50%. It is estimated that 77% of the jobs will include computer knowledge as a requirement by the year 2020.
    • Candidates who want to get into the administrative part of the organization are now tested on subjects such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.
  • HealthCare
    • There has been an increase in the requirement for employees in the healthcare sector. Though most of the jobs are said to be at entry-level and for technicians and nursing assistants, it is important that the tests are conducted with utmost care.
    • Communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and computer skills are mainly tested for jobs such as Medical Biller, Medical Director, Nursing Assistant, Medical Records Clerk, etc.
  • Information Technology
    • The ever-changing technology has resulted in creating many jobs in the IT industry. At the same time, enterprises are finding it difficult to hire candidates will the required skill-set.
    • The IT test is broadly divided into three types. Application-oriented skills, operation skills, and development skills.
  • Banking
    • Bankers will need to effectively multitask while handling critical financial transactions. A small error could result in a loss of millions.
    • Analytical skills, clear communication, and problem-solving skills are the major focus areas. Financial Accounting, Debt Collection, Financial Analysis, etc. are some of the jobs in this sector.

Apart from the above-mentioned tests, each industry has subject-related tests in which the knowledge and skills of candidates in that particular subject are assessed. Different topics can either be clubbed together to create a single assessment test or they can be individually conducted. The final decision of the test form lies with the enterprise. It is suggested to remember that enterprises should not completely rely on pre employment tests to select employees. Personal interviews should be conducted as a part of the hiring process to make the final decision.



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