Teaching Kids Hygiene during Covid 19 lockdown

Teaching Kids Hygiene during Covid 19 lockdown

  • 25/03/2020

How we can use this time to teach hygiene to kids

With the outbreak of the pandemic, as declared by the world health organisation ( WHO), the coronavirus is also known as Covid-19, uncertainty, apprehensions and dread are just some synonymous words which describe the current situation at the current times appropriately. As governments send out orders of lockdowns and self-isolation, many companies, restaurants, bars, clubs, nurseries and schools are closing down. At this point, with children staying at home, parents could use this time to teach kids the importance of hygiene which will get engraved in them for the rest of their lives.

 Germs are not for sharing 

As an outburst of such a malady, things have taken a horrendous turn. So it's time to educate our kids about self-hygiene and the hygiene of their surroundings. Also, it is essential to make them understand the concept of germs and bacteria and how harmful those things are. Make them watch YouTube videos demonstrating new kinds of precautionary measures that are to be taken to fight all the new types of bacteria that are being discovered and affecting the mass every day. Also, visual explanation of how germs may be transferred from one person to another helps kids understand better and take better measures to prevent it. Therefore, its important to make them understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness



Sing while washing hands

There are six standard steps of washing hands that should be inscribed in every kid from the very tender age. Washing out hands, applying soap, lathering the soap, rubbing hands for 20 seconds, rinsing them and drying them. Youngsters can get more engaged in the process of washing hands either by singing a 20-second happy song or by playing a game with them all through this while. These six small steps help kids remain safe and engrossed in the process.




White teeth equals to clean teeth


A dentist best explains oral hygiene. Parents could take their kids to the dentist for a regular check-up or follow the steps a dentist might have described or posted on their website or online just so to explain to their kids the importance of oral hygiene. When it is shown precisely on a dummy teeth model where germs are hiding, this teaches the children how to brush and interests kids more and makes them aware of the information they didn't know before. Parents could also have a fun activity and bond with their kids over brushing either by allowing them to choose the colour of the toothbrush and what toothpaste they want to use, and even they could brush together and sing a 3-minute song all along.


Lesson plan to repeat

Children these days have a short attention span and might forget after a point of time, the ways and methods that were taught to them. To instil hygiene methods in them for a period of a lifetime, constant demonstration on how germs and bacteria are passed around, teaching the ways of coughing and sneezing properly and washing hands and avoiding sharing bacteria and viruses through communal food must be shown and told to them regularly.



Shower for cleansing

A human body comes in close contact, internally and externally, with several different germs and bacteria on a regular basis. Parents can enumerate all the places where microbes and microscopic organisms may take shelter on the human body. The importance of using basic soap and water to cleanse the body daily must be particularly explained to the young kids.


Personal hygiene during puberty

Puberty leads to many changes in the human body. Changes in body parts, changes in mood, e.g. depression, body odours are just a few results of puberty. These new and unusual changes also attract a lot of germs and bacteria; it is the need for the young adults and teenagers to shower at least twice a day, to stay clean and healthy. The use of perfumes and deodorants also tend to start at this point of age. Razors also tend to come into the picture when it comes to the removal of body hair. It is best when parents help and demonstrate to their kids on the ways and safety methods of using it. Teenage hygiene is the most important in today's day and age, so the young adults-to-be should not end up suffering in silence, so these people should be adequately taught the basics of adolescence.

Overall, encouraging casual conversations about hygiene will create a more comfortable and open environment. It is important to crave hygiene methods in kids at a young age so while growing up they will know what methods and ways to follow to keep them clean and safe from deadly as well as lifestyle disease that the human body comes in contact with on a daily basis.

Wearing masks during Covid19


It is vital that you teach your kids how to wear a mask and that they should not touch that face, when going out with a mask.




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