Supportive tools and peripherals used during Online Teaching.

Supportive tools and peripherals used during Online Teaching.

  • 28/09/2020

Supportive tools and peripherals used during Online Teaching.


The development of the educational sector will characterize the 21st century. The education sector, being more dependent on the physical presence of both teachers and the students, is now shifting to online-based learning. As many educational institutions opt for contactless and improvised methods to teach the students, here are some of the tools and peripherals which can be used during online teaching.


Electronic media and its components


The electronic media has been a part of the development of online learning from the very beginning. The electronic media comprise video recording, audio recording, multimedia presentations, and online content. The term electronic media covers any form of engaging media that can be used for teaching and learning. This form of media has helped education to break multiple barriers. The digital equipment required for teaching using electronic media is generally classified as tools and peripherals.


The core: Tools


The tools are the primary devices that are necessarily required for teaching. These devices are the fundamental requirements that every teacher needs. Let's have a look at what the tools that make into this list,


  • Computers, tablets, and mobile devices


The computers, tablets, and mobile devices are the minimal tools that the student and the teacher should have to conduct a class. With a plethora of options to choose from, the brands have stiff competition in the market. The big names in the technology sector have developed specially designed computers and mobiles to help the teachers and students experience the best level of learning.



Computers and tablets are required to employ the necessary applications for online teaching.


  • Video Cameras and Digital Cameras


We are in the era of video lectures. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have decent recording equipment to have an interactive session with the students. With a wide variety of digital and video cameras in the market, it depends upon your budget on what type of camera you would like to have as a tool for online learning. With many big names in the circuit, you can opt for the brand which suits your teaching and requirement.


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These cameras help in recording the lectures. They act as an interface between the students and the teachers during an online class.


  • Whiteboards and interactive whiteboard tools


These teaching tools have been around the system for 20 years. The whiteboard is synonymous with the history of the development of technology. So, what does an interactive whiteboard utilize? With multiple peripherals like digital pens and stylus required to use the whiteboard, it is quickly becoming the symbol of high-tech teaching. The whiteboard screen comes with a front or rear project, and its size varies from 16" to 90".


These boards use technologies like ultrasound, electromagnetic, and infrared and resistive membranes. With different brands modifying the techniques which are being used in operating these whiteboards, you can choose from fixing to the portable ones according to your needs. The best whiteboards in the market are The Promethean Activboard and Numonics Intelliboard.


  • Audio and Video tools


The audio devices usually comprise headsets and speakers. The video tools include webcams. Often, these peripherals are already present in your laptops and computers, and you need to buy an external one if you would like to extend the standard of your video calling.


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If you wish to have a definite audible experience, with no disturbances from the outer world, you can opt for the earphones. Speakers should be used if you want to avoid the headsets for your online classes. With multiple varieties of speakers available in the market, you can choose according to your requirements.


The support system: Peripherals


Peripherals are the devices that surround the core system; in this case, the tools. Peripherals add on to the functionality and quality of the online classes, and hence, for an optimal experience, you should check out these peripherals.


  • Document Cameras


If you wish to connect a camera to the computer, then you have to add document cameras to your peripheral list. It enables a teacher to showcase real-time videos, experiments, and books. Hence, these cameras are widely regarded as one of the essential peripherals. With multiple companies like Epson, IPEVO, and Elmo are creating highly developed document cameras, and you can choose among the companies mentioned above according to your needs.


How do they differ from the traditional cameras used for online teaching?


The document cameras differ from the traditional webcams and video cameras. Here are the reasons:


  1. A more considerable amount of time is devoted to the discussion of the student's written work and thought processes. But, in the case of traditional cameras and webcams, there was no scope of giving enough time to the student.
  2. The document camera allows the teacher to display real-time videos and books on the boards, which was not possible in the case of traditional cameras.


As a peripheral, these cameras are a much better alternative to the traditional cameras as they can be easily connected to the computer. If you wish to teach the students with a real-time experience, this is the peripheral you should add to your list.


  • LCD Projectors


The LCD projectors have overtaken the overhead projector because of better functionality. The LCD projectors are credible enough to provide interactive educational sessions.


It has helped many students to keep themselves engaged in interactive class sessions. With the help of whiteboard, LCD projectors can be used for teaching purposes.


Collaborative Software for teaching


The educational sector is quickly taking giant steps in development. In the process of advancement, the collaborative software is helping the teachers to share their works with the students. With collaborative Software coming into the frame, it aids digital learning and innovative thinking. This Software allows teachers to interact with the students across the globe and enable them to share files, and teachers can manage the projects with the students. It helps in teaching by connecting students from all around the globe and helps in extending learning beyond the traditional classrooms.


  • ePortfolios


ePortfolio is a digital collection of the extra curricular activities that is created by the students. The ePortfolios are the track-recorder for students. The ePortfolios are useful to keep a record of extra-curricular activities. This tool remains the student's property after finishing a course. Hence, it is one of the best tools for online learning.


Much like a record keeper, if a teacher wishes to cover some teaching out of the course/ curriculum, then they can ask the students to maintain an ePortfolio.


  • The virtual classrooms


A replica of the traditional classroom, the virtual classroom provides the opportunity of learning in real-time. With internet-enabled technology devices, the virtual classroom is symbolic of the development in the technology sector. These classrooms take up the benefits of electronic media and hence, provide interference for the students and teachers.

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  • Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is quickly becoming mainstream. This technology is used to broadcast 3D emails, which are a new addition to the technology world. With AR-enabled worksheets coming into the frame, it makes the tedious homework for college kids quite easier. It works on the basis that the computer understands what is in the work around the user from the camera. Then the content is presented in a realistic way so that it looks like a part of the real world.


If we consider the present scenario, it is high time that we shift to online-based learning. The tools and peripherals mentioned above will quickly become a part of every school and household in the coming years. It is time to take advantage of technology as the future is now.


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