Street Games Kho kho Gilli Danda Lagori Langdi Tang

Street Games Kho kho Gilli Danda Lagori Langdi Tang

  • 18/09/2019

In the past, the streets were the only location for kids to enjoy. For kids, the road implied playing games, sharing and connecting. The gali was the top choice and the very best location to play a football match, jump rope with friends, play a line game, and hit each other with a dodge ball. In the past, the games played between neighborhoods in terms of socializing as well as emotional development and the teams of buddies in the streets were significant. Youngsters maturing in big cities today neither recognizes the street nor are knowledgeable about the community culture. The grownups cannot hear the joyous noises of kids rising from the roads. Perhaps a lot of youngsters find out the games played until a quarter of a century ago from the memories of their parents. What do you think about remembering the past with a compilation from the periods when the children were not trapped in the houses as well as abstracted from life? Maybe every game will not be stated here, but let's remember them for the delight of the streets!



The game is played with one long as well as one short stick. The short stick which is continuously on the ground is sprung right into the air by touching the tip with the long stick to make sure that it can travel through the air as far as possible. The gamer who tosses the short stick three times and is unable to strike offers his/her place to the following player



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A popular game among children in India at one time. It includes a ball as well as a stack of level rocks (which are piled on top of each other). One member of a group throws the round at the stack to knock the stones over. The team after those attempts to recover the heap of stones while the opposing team (known as the players) tosses the round at them. If the round touches a person, he is out as well as his team proceeds without him.



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