Start teaching with these top online Home Tuition Websites

Start teaching with these top online Home Tuition Websites

  • 28/01/2021

Home tutoring is as valuable a job as teaching in schools. Where teachers stick to the academic syllabus, home tutors focus on providing undivided attention to the mentee and work much more than just following a defined curriculum. They personally help students understand the material they are learning, help in overall development by personal grooming, keep students motivated all the time to face classroom challenges.

Since in the present scenario, social distancing needs to be taken care of, physical home tuitions seem less feasible. Due to this many students are losing out on good mentorship and guide, and many tutors have turned jobless.

Here’s when Internet tutoring and the digital world come to aid and allows tutors to teach and earn money online. There are several online tutoring sites for teachers that provide them with the platform to connect with the students, impart online lectures, generate leads, and also create a brand image for long term independent coaching business.

Following are the top free platforms to register for online tuition websites:

  1. UrbanPro: UrbanPro is India’s leading learning network that allows students, parents, and tutors to compare multiple tutors and institutes, and choose the best online tutoring websites and teachers that suits best according to their requirements. UrbanPro covers a wide area of classes from school tuitions, competitive and IT areas, languages, to hobbies.


  1. Edugraff: Edugraff is an online tutoring company that provides coaching for k+12 students and also other competitive exams. It provides online live classes to the students, with anywhere and anytime access. Its whiteboard feature enables an interactive teaching experience and also allows to record ongoing classes. Students can also avail of demo classes through Edugraff to ensure the quality of the teacher.


  1. Vedantu: Vedantu is an online platform that provides free online classes as well as premium one on one classes for students from pre-school to 12th grade, competitive exams as well as coding for kids. The app and website provide LIVE audio & video connection on even low bandwidth of internet for an uninterrupted teaching and learning experience.


  1. Millioncenters: Millioncenters is a Tutoring website that gives teachers a platform to conduct online classes on the subject of their choice. It helps generate leads and also engage in the active promotion of the tutor through their personal social media profile of the website. It also assists the tutors with a packaged service, like class management, website creation, personal branding, that enables the tutor long term benefits and expansion of their independent coaching business. Thus, Millioncenters provides a one-stop solution to the tutors by meeting their short term lead generating service and long term personal brand creation assistance.

The benefit of personal home tuition website over Listing on other websites:

The Online tuition websites mentioned above might seem interesting for the teachers who are new to the digital world, but having one’s own website levels up the game altogether and helps to stand out from their other competitors in the long term.

Below are the benefits of having a personal Online teaching site:

  • Complete access to the content: Teachers can have full and complete access to their subject content. They can manage their website giving it a personalized touch and as they seem best suited.
  • Managing authorized users: Teachers can easily keep a record of their authorized users, manage collective subscriptions, analyze conversion ratio, and plan their future plan of action after the analysis.
  • Lead generation: Once the Online tutor’s website is created and put to action, it will help tutors in gaining more traffic, and ultimately lead generation. 
  • Non-dependency from the other service providing websites: Once a teacher starts operating from his own personalized website, he/she will be independent of the services of other listing websites.

A checklist for personal Home tutor website:

  1. Profile: The teacher must describe his/her subject area well so that students visiting the site can understand if it matches their requirements.
  2. Course Content: Teachers should provide brief details of the subject on their website, to make it easy for the student to understand what topics will be covered.
  3. Whiteboard facility: This comes as an added advantage to the teacher and students, as the teacher can conduct classes even from the website and make the sessions as interactive as it would be in any physical class.
  4. Security and privacy: The website needs to be secured, to ensure only authorized access to the teacher's courses and materials.
  5. User-friendly interface: The website should have a very easy to use interface, to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Now that we have understood the benefits of both - Websites for online teaching, and personalized Home tuition websites, we need to also understand that both these platforms work wonders when used together. New digital teachers can teach and earn online by being at a marketplace created by best tutoring websites, provide demo classes, and take advantage of the already existing pool of students and users. This is necessary for the initial days of the business till they build their own personal brand. These personalized home tuition site gradually helps teachers to create their own mark in the digital space when the home tutor site is maintained for a long term basis. They can then give their home tuition service both virtual and physical classes as per the convenience and requirement of students.

MillionCenters is one such platform that provides one-stop solution to all the tutor woes. It provides complete assistance to the tutor to create their personal brand by making a customized website for them, promoting the tutors, and advertising on their social media handles, letting tutors take demo classes on their platform and creating leads for them. It also allows tutors to conduct complete classes on their online platform if they do not want to opt for personal branding. This eliminates all the work related to class management during their initial growth stage, making the site capable to solve every online tuition-related issue.

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