Setting a Work from Home Routine

Setting a Work from Home Routine

  • 17/04/2020

Setting a routine when you work from home


Many of us would have desired to have a work from home job. With no stress of traveling, being in a comfortable environment and relaxed posture as we work sounds as good as a dream. And now as the country faces lockdown due to the Coronavirus Crisis, most of us are stuck at home and experiencing a work from home routine. Being able to shift our time according to our preference is not less than any boon. But just like every coin has two faces, the job that used to sound dreamy good, is now a nightmare for many when it comes to their routine.


To get you rid of this nightmare, we have designed the following steps which will help you in setting a routine when you work from home.





  1. Get Your Working Hours Fixed

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Decide about what time you should have as your working hours and most importantly, stick to it! We get it that you have nowhere to be and report on time but even then, set your alarm at the same time as you used to do for Monday to Friday. Also, don't avoid going through your morning routine just the way you used to go in your usual office days. Hence, start and similarly finish your working schedule at the exact time regularly!




  1. Plan Your Agenda

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Planning is never a bad habit, and if you use a planner to plan out your week, that will end up in your favour. Invest some time in understanding and recording the amount of time you work, the time you spend refreshing (or in some physical activity), and time you socialise. Don't forget to eat healthy and work out. Create a to-do list and get yourself started on those tasks immediately. Believe me, planning your time can prove to be a huge stress reliever!





  1. Get Yourself A Workspace Created


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Work from home is not work in bed! Take a shower and dress up yourself just the way you used to do in your regular office days. Choose a space available in your home and transform it into your personal “workspace”, the way it is in your office. This can be anything from a desk in your bedroom to your living room table, we just need to create some personalised space, and the place should be used solely for work and no other activity.




  1. Don't Stay on Your Desk All Time


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Sitting all day long can be unhealthy, go to the terrace or balcony and get some fresh air! Start getting up after a set of hours and take a work break. Use the break to have some tea and go through the latest feeds or pages of some book. An even better idea is to take your lunch-break in the open areas of your house, such as in the garden or rooftop area (if available). Take a step off from your desk and for a shift of view.




  1. Have an Active Social Life



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Work from home is not just comfortable but can also prohibit you from the actual world. Moreover, nobody can risk his own and his family's life by leaving his house in this scenario. The after-work chills won't be easy when there is nobody to go with after work; therefore, stay engaged to the public around you. But there's always a solution have hangouts, FaceTime people, go for some online networking. As the current climate prevails, we clearly can't be out as much as we would like to be, but we do have the time that could be invested in developing friendships and relations.


I hope you found the article informative. For more such content, Stay Tuned!

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