Running Tips for New Mothers

Running Tips for New Mothers

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 14/01/2019

Young and new mothers are the busiest as they a new born to take care of. They battle with the pot pregnancy and childbirth problems and issues, and it becomes challenging for them to start a regime as they already have a packed schedule. It has a significant effect on the health of new mothers as they neglect their body and health.

The health and body care of the new mother is equally important as taking care of the baby.

Always remember, a healthy mother brings up a healthy child. Running has been proven to be a well useful exercise for these new mothers as not only it is beneficial for the body it also brings freshness to mind.

However, it is not easy for new mothers to start running. There are many hindrances for them such as morning sickness, tiredness, emptiness etc.

Few tips are mentioned below that will help the new mommies in their start-up of running-


Slow and Steady wins the race

Start your running regime with the quiet mode. Don’t push it so much that it makes you incredibly tired and causes fatigue that you would not want to do the other stuff as well. Start slowly, count your steps and don’t hog around the park, give your leg muscles time to adjust and work accordingly.

You may feel sore muscles at first, but it is just a part of starting up the whole running regime. Hence, it is also advisable to do warm-up exercises before running as they instruct your muscles and wakes them up.


Invest in Good Shoes and Socks

It is to be advised that the new mothers should wisely invest in good running shoes and socks. After pregnancy, the body of a new mother faces many changes. It gains and loses instantly massive amount of weights, and their legs swell up.

Hence, it is essential for them to look out for good shoes with comfortable soles and great grip which helps them while having an excellent start to their running schedule. You can get great offers and discounts at


Track your Progress

It is necessary to check whether there has been any improvement or not or whether you are on the same point as you were the other day. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to monitor the progress, and for the rescue, many apps can be downloaded to monitor the steps walked and kilometres run by the new mother.

There are apps as well that measures the heartbeat rate and blood pressure, sugar levels and triggers any changes on the screen making it aware to the mothers.

These apps also come in watches and wrist-bands and can be easily afforded by the exciting process at They offer fantastic voucher codes and discount codes on the products.


Set a Schedule

The young mothers should make running a critical part of their program and should follow it without any irregularity but if by any chance they miss it, they should add it in their busy schedule like brisk walking around the home for 5-10 minutes when the baby is playing with their father or someone else or do a proper 30 minute running when the baby is busy in his or her playschool etc.

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Talk to People

Young and new mothers often have to post pregnancy depression and specific issues that need to be taken care of. They should consult a life coach or a counsellor for these issues. They life coach usually prescribes various exercises such as meditation and yoga to perform to stable the mindset of the mother and keep her calm.

Counsellors also suggest that mothers involve in any outdoor sport to regulate their minds and divert them from their emotional state of issues and keep them happy and healthy.


Sleep and Strollers

Young running mothers always exhibit this guilt of leaving their child and go out for running. It is advised to these mothers that they should utilise the time their baby is in sleep for running. This is just a little time utilisation that yields brilliant results and also kills the self-guilt of leaving their child alone as the baby is sleeping and resting. Also, the mothers can take their babies with themselves at running too.

Yes, you heard it right, but you must be assuming how small infants walk. No, they don’t walk, but they love to stroll in their pretty cute strollers. The only thing the mothers have to do is to get themselves a perfect stroller with right gripped wheels that won’t fall when the mommies are running.

These responsible strollers are suitable for your savings as well as you can get them at exciting and amazing offers and discounts.


Final Words

Motherhood is a wonderful feeling – it makes you feel and appreciate the beauty of life. To enjoy this feeling to its fullest, one must learn to stay active, fit and healthy.

If you are a new mother, now is the perfect time to start running towards a healthier future for you and your newborn.

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