Parents! Here is why you should consider art and craft activities for your kids

Parents! Here is why you should consider art and craft activities for your kids

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 11/01/2019

Be it making paper designs using Origami or colouring books using crayons, every child must be given the opportunity to engage in art and craft activities.

Studies have proven that learning art and craft activities improve the growth of children significantly. Not only it helps kids to express their feelings and thoughts, it also boosts the self-confidence in their little minds.

As parents, you want nothing but the best for your child’s holistic development. In recent times, more parents are realizing the importance of art and craft for child development and some parents are even sharing the learning journey of their children with the world.

What about you? Will you allow your child to take advantage of an artistic and creative activity in life?

If you are seeking new activities to keep your little ones engaged, here’s why you must consider art and craft as a perfect hobby for your child –


Benefit #1: It makes them more self-aware




When children learn to play with colours, materials and objects related to art and craft, it gives them a sense of belonging and purpose. Kids are visually active about what goes around them and thus, are active to absorb information.

Practicing an art hobby will help them to develop their self-awareness early on in life. The benefit of art and craft for kids is that it helps them to understand their sense of doing, rather than being.

So, if you want to raise your child to become a true individual with a sense of perspective – make him/her practice an artsy activity in childhood.


Benefit #2: It develops neural skills




Scribbling, painting, drawing or puzzle solving, when kids perform any activity that involves their hands, it develops their motor skills.  Such activities can improve hand-eye coordination and enhance the cognitive ability of children.

As children learn to play with shapes and patterns using art and craft activities, they develop dexterity and coordination that helps them improve important neural skills early on in life.

If you want to raise creative children, it’s important to expose them to craft activities in their childhood and their sense of touch, sight, smell and taste enhances.

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Benefit #3: It makes them more creative




The great artist Pablo Picasso once said – “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.

If you pay attention, his message clearly states that every child is born creative and inquisitive. Kids tend to be very imaginative and thus, it is the duty of parents to encourage creative thinking through art and craft.

The benefit of art for kids is that they can easily explore the world around them with the right tools. Based on their interest, they can choose which activity captures their interest the most.

Who knows maybe your child can grow up to be a writer or a painter? If you give them the opportunity to try craft activities in their childhood, they will have an interest to follow in their life.


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Benefit #4: It improves social skills




The biggest benefit of art and craft for children is that kids with different interests and backgrounds come together for same activity. This encourages children to think creatively and see what other children have created.

Art and craft activities can help children develop their social skills including – communication, understanding, gestures, active listening and many more.

Plus, when a child performs any activity in a group environment – it gives him/her the opportunity to understand the value of team spirit and fair play. Both these qualities are important for the growth and development of a healthy child.


Benefit #5: It develops problem solving ability




Art and craft encourages children to think uniquely and make new choices or decisions. Whenever a child is engaged in solving a puzzle or filling colours in a scrapbook – he/she gets the opportunity to think flexibly and come up with new ways.

Practicing artistic activities also boosts the confidence in children and it gives them more courage to try different techniques or methods to achieve unique results.

Children absorb a lot of information every day and having a creative outlet for expressing this information and their feelings is a must.

As parents, you can promote the problem solving ability in your child by encouraging them to engage in craft activities from young age.


Final Thoughts



When we encourage our children to pursue art, we are giving them the opportunity to be better at work and play.

Their feelings, ideas, thoughts and expressions can be best manifested through a creative hobby that allows them to understand the world around them better.

Art and craft activities are a safe zone for every child, no matter how young they are.

When kids explore the immense possibilities of art and craft – it gives them a medium to open their mind and develop a sense of personal identity.

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