Online Video Lessons for kids

Online Video Lessons for kids

  • 25/09/2019

Online Education has become a trend, and its popularity is increasing day by day. The number of online courses has increased in the past few years. So has the number of students taking those courses. Online courses offer many advantages. These include self-paced learning, removal of language barriers, and flexible study hours.

Along with these advantages, there are many pitfalls. Taking online lessons can seem convenient, but they can become a struggle. Although it is easy to look for tips and advice from educator and students online, it is not the best solution. Although some courses are better than others, they all have are certain drawbacks. These are as follows:

1.     Lack of Connection and Communication with the Instructor/Tutor

A teacher can reach out to thousands of students through an online course. This provides a limitless reach to anyone with an internet connection. But the professor hides behind a screen and is out of the student’s reach. There is a lack of one-to-one support.

One cannot read the body language and gestures if the tutor is not present. This results in a lack of connection.

The teacher cannot change the style of teaching according to the needs and issues of the students. There is no real dialogue between the tutor and the pupil. Approaching online tutors for clarifying doubts is a significant task in itself. The monologue nature of online classes further results in a lack of communication. 

When a student enrols himself or herself in a physical coaching class through MillionCenters, he or she can approach the tutor for further explanation and interaction.

2.     Lack of Collaborative Learning and Social Skills

There is next to no interaction with other students who take the online lesson. Everyone is a different kind of learner. Lack of communication poses a problem for those who learn through communicating.

Collaborative learning is essential to increase one’s awareness levels. It is challenging to form study groups due to privacy issues and hence resulting in the loss of group experience.

To become successful outside of academics, students need to develop excellent interpersonal skills. Taking online lessons removes this aspect from their development altogether.

MillionCenters allows students to join an excellent tuition centre. Here they can form peer groups and partake in discussions. This, in turn, helps them to improve their interpersonal skills and thinking ability.

3.     Lack of Discipline

Self-discipline is the key to all success. It plays a crucial role in one’s personal and professional development. Continuous learning is essential when it comes to becoming knowledgeable. It involves completing assignments on time, note-taking and group discussions. Practical implementation of theoretical concepts is also vital.

Due to less supervision, students can indulge in acts instead of studying. These include logging into the class as per one’s will. These activities are bound to decrease their performance.

Although one acquires self-discipline, tuition classes help students to keep themselves into check. This is because there is a tutor, they meet at least two to three times a week who guides them and keeps a check on them.

The tutors enrolled in the MillionCenters Portal are experts in their fields. They vow to help their students to achieve academic excellence. Their guidance and expertise allow students to achieve self-discipline.

4.     Lack of creativity and organisational skills

Classroom teaching instils in students a sense of developing organisational skills. This is because classroom teaching encourages the formation of a routine. Hence, students improve their time management abilities. It also stimulates creativity about how they will do the same.

Students are more in control during online lessons. Whereas, this is opposite of what happens in classroom teaching. They tend to louse around and develop an unhealthy and unorganised routine. These harmful routines hinder their growth.

5.     Discouragement and Decreasing Motivation

Once a student slides into an unhealthy habit, he or she develops a sense of lagging in the academic domain. They realise that they wasted their time by indulging into unnecessary activities.

This sense of lagging sucks the motivation out of them and instils panic of not being able to keep up and cope up.

Here the need for a guide is indispensable. A mentor can keep students motivated. He or she can encourage them daily to achieve their targets. This is where MillionCenters steps in to help students connect with the right tutor. The right tutor improves their academic performance and stimulates their personal growth.


Online lessons offer flexibility. They are a better alternative for adults who want to keep learning but have a job or family to handle. But this is not the case for younger scholars. Hence, we can establish that online courses do more harm to kids than good.

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