Online Learning The Next Big Leap of Education Sector

Online Learning The Next Big Leap of Education Sector

  • 09/08/2020

Today, more than 100 million students in India attend private tuitions and classes. But quality learning in these institutions is questionable as they are usually jam-packed or lack proper physical infrastructure and qualified teachers. This lack of individual care and mentorship results in students underperforming than their actual potentials. Consequently, many are now turning to online tuition websites and apps. 

While online tuition classes are still a relatively new concept in India, but it is gaining rapid momentum. The Digital Age with advancements in internet technologies has facilitated a transformation of the education sector - for both teachers and students.  Various ed-tech startups and companies have emerged over the past few years. And of all the contributors of this $5billion+ sector, more than 30% are now using online tuition software for learning. Especially, with the increasing demand for the preparation for competitive entrance exams for higher education, online learning is steadily becoming the new norm.


How do online tuitions benefit students?

  • Cost Effective : Online tuitions save money. Students don’t have to pay for campus maintenance or for commuting. 

  • Conveniently acquire new skills : It is the most convenient way of acquiring more skills with students on a time-crunch. It helps the student take care of other priorities as well.

  • Attend prestigious tutors’ classes without worrying about geographical barriers : While global demand for higher education is increasing, the number of seats is not increasing exponentially. To add to this, traveling or moving cities is not for everyone. Here, online tuition classes save the day. 

  • Learn at your own pace : Every learner has their own pace. Online tuitions can be processed at one’s own pace. Hence, the student is under less pressure while studying as they are not strenuously asked to consume too much information at once.

  • Teaches self-discipline and responsibility : Online tutors usually give assignments to be completed at a particular time. Hence, completing lessons and assignments become a personal responsibility. This helps in taking charge of your life and its development.

How do online tuitions benefit tutors?

  • Time and location benefits : It provides the convenience of choosing the time that suits the tutor better. As most tutors are either working professionals or homemakers, online teaching is a boon for them. It saves commute time as well as the time wasted on unproductive classroom activities. It also gives them a diverse audience as the location barrier is no longer an issue. 

  • More teaching oopportunities : Tutor websites have opened a window of more teaching opportunities versus traditional classroom teaching. The instant exhibition of one's teaching skills via demo classes helps garner more attention than traditional ways.

  • Better administration and organization : Traditional classrooms have a cumbersome administration process as the tutor needs to keep a track of multiple students. Sometimes, this also leads to mismanagement and as a result, a lot of precious time is wasted. But the automated system of home tutor websites take care of all of the above. It enables the tutor to focus mainly on teaching.

  • Easier access and sharing of information : It is no secret that digital resources and information are easier to access and share. Digital libraries, search engines, and social media help the dissemination of information better. Hence, the responsibility of the tutor is eased.

The online tuition websites and apps are not only bridging the demand-supply gap of quality learning but also easing the burden on students and teachers both. From chalkboard to keyboards, the home-based online learning industry is bound to only evolve further. Hence, if you are a student, it is time to upgrade to a customizable learning experience. Leave behind the one-size-fits-all approach and adopt a more adaptive, engaging, and effective way of learning. And if you are a teacher, invest in building your online tutoring reputation by robust training and adapting to digital practices.

Embrace yourselves as the Indian education sector takes the next big leap!


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