On a mission to make Maths simple: Meet Shamsher Sir

On a mission to make Maths simple: Meet Shamsher Sir

  • 10/07/2019

Maths is a subject that scares many – complex equations, difficult to understand concepts, lengthy formulae and above all, a vast syllabus.

Mathematics as a subject is something only a handful of people like or find interesting, yet it is one of the fundamental subjects of any education system.

Without mathematics, there would be no numbers and without numbers, there would be no profits or loss or income. What a weird world it would be without mathematics...



Meet Shamsher Singh or ‘Shamsher Sir’ as he is fondly called by his students who believes that mathematic s is a beautiful subject that can be made super simple to understand.

Shamsher sir is on a personal mission to make mathematics a simple-to-learn subject for all.

MillionCenters decided to speak to Shamsher Singh and understand how and why he wants to make maths a fun and engaging subjects for students –


Hello Shamsher Sir! Thank you for taking out your time to talk to us. Would you mind telling our readers about yourself?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am a Maths teacher with more than 20+ years of teaching experience.

For me, teaching is not only a profession, but a passion that I like to follow and share my knowledge with students.


That sounds interesting! Can you elaborate on how and why you developed the passion for teaching maths?

I think it was a result of natural curiosity and interest in mathematics. 

Mathematics had always been a favourite subject since my education days, so I continued to follow my love for problem-solving and it soon became clear to me that I want to teach mathematics for the rest of my life.

A lot of people come to me and ask “Why only Maths?”

I tell them that mathematics is the fundamental block of everything around us – even in nature we can see examples of mathematics being applied.

Everything from accounts, economics, history and politics is a function of maths, thus I love to be at the core of everything!


Since how long have you been teaching maths?

It’s been more than two decades, about 20+ years of teaching experience.

I teach mathematics to students of classes 8th to 12th (CBSE/ICSE).  JEE (Mains and Advance), B.Com, BBA, BCA, MBA, CBSE and IB (HL & SL).

Basically, no matter what the curriculum is, I am willing to offer my understanding and knowledge of mathematics.

I offer my lessons as a home tutor in South Delhi and Gurugram as of now.




What are your thoughts about teaching as a profession? Do you think we need more teachers in our society today?

Personally, I am a huge believer in the fact that teaching is a noble profession and it takes a lot of passion to follow the path of a teacher.

At the same time, I agree to the fact that our country needs more tutors, especially young ones.

Teaching is not only a way to earn money in exchange of sharing knowledge, it is one of the very few mentally rewarding and emotionally satisfying profession you can choose in life.

In my opinion, students don’t need a ‘perfect’ teacher – they need a teacher who can get them excited about learning.

They need a teacher with whom they can open up about their feelings, fears and doubts.

If youngsters can become a supportive and understanding teacher, our society and country can truly change for the better!


Wonderful Thoughts, Sir! Is there anything else you would like to say or share with our readers?

As a professional maths teacher, I have amassed years of teaching experience. I am willing to share my knowledge with any student who wants to improve their score in maths or get over their fear of mathematics as a subject.

Learning maths can be complicated, but I can make it simple!

Maths is not about equations or formulas, it is about understanding. I am confident that I can help every student of any skill level develop a confidence in maths.

Rest, people can know more about me at: https://www.millioncenters.com/shamsher

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