Netflix will not help you beat stress and feel happy, but having a hobby will

Netflix will not help you beat stress and feel happy, but having a hobby will

  • 25/07/2019

Picture this: you leave from office after a busy day, spend some time on commute and then get back home. For most people, the next step is to get entertainment – and the easiest (and the most obvious) choice is to turn to Netflix.

Ask any youngster today about their hobbies and you’ll get a common answer- binge watching Netflix in their free time.

According to a survey, we are spending more time watching Netflix than bonding with our kids, or learning a hobby or simply sleeping and resting our minds and body.

Sure, entertainment is important because it helps you divert your mind from work, beat everyday stress and most importantly, have fun and enjoyment in life.

But, what if there was a better way to get entertained?

Whether you realize it or not, binge watching Netflix is not a ‘real’ hobby.

At best, it is another form of digital addiction that is primed to keep you hooked to a screen.

Just one more show, one more scene, one more many times have you seen this happening to yourself?

Enjoying your free time is a must, and we all do it, but there are certainly many better ways to do so than by sitting or lying in front of a screen for hours.

Netflix won’t help you beat stress and feel happy, but having a hobby can.png


Time pass or Pastime?

Ask yourself: is ‘Netflix and Chill’ the only form of entertainment or hobby you have in life?

If yes, maybe it’s time to understand that you’re only getting lazier, lousier and uninspired in life.

Interestingly, according to an American survey, people who participated in creative hobbies versus those who didn’t are more likely to feel happier, joyful and passionate.

The same can be said about Indians too – a recent study concluded that 95% of Indians between age 18 to 34 are stressed and binge watching shows and movies isn’t helping them.

We are only getting lazy, uninspired and unimaginative at best by staying hooked to our screens for hours.

If only we could have a real hobby to help us relax, stay healthy, creative and would be so much fulfilling and satisfying.


So, what is a hobby then?

According to dictionary definition, a hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

However, in the present context, that definition is obsolete. One could spend hours scrolling through Facebook or watching TV shows and they can’t be taking these activities as ‘serious’ hobbies.

At best, social media and online entertainment are low quality activities that give you temporary pleasure.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could follow your passion or do something you love, instead of binge watching shows and movies on a screen over the weekend?

Whether you want to start writing, painting or learn a music instrument – it only takes few minutes a day to learn a new hobby. You will instantly feel a sense of satisfaction and relaxation when you do something exciting and fun in real world. .

In simple words: hobbies give us the much more amount of relaxation and enjoyment that we can get from a screen.

Plus, studies have also proven that hobbies are a great way to beat stress and anxiety.

Many people who have a creative hobby in their life are known to be more disciplined, creative, happy and relaxed.


You Can Chill without Netflix

When you are watching a show or a movie, you are only consuming information.

Your mind becomes overloaded with information, making it uninspired and un-stimulated as it is not creating anything but only consuming.

However, when you are learning and practicing a hobby that requires physical and mental activity, you are creating more than you are consuming.

Personally, I love to play music after winding down work and reaching home. Yes, I watch movies and shows but they are not on top of my sources to get entertained and relaxed.

Sure, watching Netflix is fun, but ultimately, it is a low quality recreational activity that is not contributing to your happiness, growth and self-improvement.

If you are spending too much time on a screen - it’s time to hit pause and step outside your hole.

When you do something that requires physical and mental input, it gives you more energy to do it.

It’s ironic but it’s true – how many times have you felt active and energized after binge watching the latest series?


Real Entertainment > Virtual Entertainment

A screen simulating a specific sequence of images is temporary entertainment – a hobby involving patience, concentration and action is the real source of feeling happy and relaxed.

Instead of getting your next ‘fix’ on a screen, take some time out and engage in a real world experience.

Go out and learn something new.

We’re all creative in some way – you might be good at arts, sports or any other form of activity but you’ll never know unless you explore yourself.

Be it anything you are interested in – join a hobby class near you or seek out the company of people who are doing the same activity.

Hobbies are therapeutic and you’ll feel this only once you do something that involves something more than just staring at a screen.

Be skilled at life, not at watching shows or movies endlessly.

This way, you can get your dose of healthy entertainment that works for the good of your mind, body and soul.


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