Millioncenters : Never Stop Learning

Millioncenters : Never Stop Learning

  • 10/11/2019


Millioncenters Theme Song

Never Stop Learning

Learning Never Stops


It may seem crazy but it true

As you grow, keep finding something new


Yoga, Music, Dance

You better not miss a chance


Coz Learning Never Stops

Coz Learning Never Stops


Don’t let your dreams die

AS passions make you fly


Coaching, Schooling Sports

You better let your life float


Coz learning Never stops

Coz Learning Never Stops


As grown-ups, we don’t find time

But then it’s your life, not mine.


Zumba, Crossfit, Spanish

Learn as much before your vanish


Never Stop Learning as you Grow

With Millioncenters find what you don’t know.

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