Meet Turban Foodie: A Food Stylish and Blogger following his passion

Meet Turban Foodie: A Food Stylish and Blogger following his passion

  • 16/11/2019

Meet Turban Foodie: A Food Stylish and Blogger following his passion


There are foodies, there are travellers and there are photographers...what happens when you combine these three into one?

Gagandeep Singh Sahni a.k.a. ‘Turban Foodie’ is one such example who is following his love for food and photography in life.

While completing his Bachelors degree, Gagandeep decided to pursue his interest and start his journey of food blogging and travelling.

MillionCenters caught up with ‘Turban Foodie’ and talked about his love for food and camera and how he is able to follow his passions despite a busy schedule.

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Below are some excerpts from our interview:

Hello Gagandeep! Thank you for sharing your time with us, would you tell our readers about yourself?

Hello Team! I am Gagandeep Singh Sahni, a food, travel and photography lover currently pursuing my Bachelors degree.

My fans and followers also know me by my alias ‘Turban Foodie’ and I am all about following my love for food, travel and lifestyle.


Tell us who inspired you to follow your journey of food blogging and photography?

To be honest, it was social media platforms like Instagram that piqued my curiosity in food styling and blogging. I had a habit of scrolling through various feed of food photographers and one day it hit me that I too should do something of this sort.

I am a firm believer in the quote that a happy tummy is the secret to a good life. Food has always been my first love and during college I started pursuing photography as another hobby.

Soon enough, I decided to combine both the interest and decided to start food blogging.


That sounds awesome! Do you plan to pursue your interests as a career in future?

The reason I started my page is to combine my love for food, photography and travelling and experiment with the things I love doing.

I love interacting with people and exploring new places. My hobby gives me that opportunity and I definitely want to keep on doing this for as long as I can.

Although, I haven’t thought of turning my interest into a full-time career option, but you never know, some day I might take the plunge!


What are your thoughts on an online community like MillionCenters?

Personally, I love the idea that people should follow their hobbies and natural interest more often in life. We Indians have always focussed on academics and degrees, without caring much about our passion.

I feel MillionCenters can help every individual in finding the best hobby classes and learning centres near them.

This way, it can really be a driving force in promoting a culture of recreational or vocational learning in our country.


Thanks for the appreciation, Gagandeep! Do you want to give any advice or suggestions to our readers?

First of all, I would request everyone to follow me on my journey and extend your support! It is because of my followers and friends that I get the courage and drive to do what I love doing.

Secondly, I will urge every youngster to follow their passion too. As a college student, finding time for doing what you love can be tough – but trust me, if I can do it, so can you. One simply needs to set a schedule and make time for their interests in life.

I hope more youngsters get to do what they love in their life.


Final Words

We hope you liked reading the journey of Gagandeep Singh Sahni a.k.a. ‘Turban Foodie’ – part student and part food blogger/photographer.

Gagandeep is an example that if you truly want to do something you love, you will find time, not excuses!

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