Meet Ratandeep Kaur: MBA by profession and Teacher by passion

Meet Ratandeep Kaur: MBA by profession and Teacher by passion

  • 28/08/2019

An MBA by profession and a teacher with passion, this is what best defines Ratandeep Kaur in a sentence for you.

After pursuing a professional career for many years, Ratandeep’s calling finally forced her to pursue her passion of teaching.

Ratandeep Kaur illustrious career started on a high note, after completing her graduation in Bachelors of Sciences from Delhi University, she went on to pursue her MBA in HR and IT.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the corporate sector, it was finally time she realized that she wants to pursue teaching as a full-time career.

MillionCenters met with Ratandeep Kaur and spoke to her about her journey from following her profession to choosing her passion. Below are excerpts from our conversation –



Hello Ratandeep! Thank you for sharing your time with us. Please tell our readers about yourself.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am a homemaker and a full-time teacher.

Professionally, I have been worked in HR domain for multi-national companies in my past.


How did you decide to switch professions? Tell us about your journey

Just like many people of my age, pursuing Masters was a natural choice for me to progress in my career.

From starting my career on an executive level in 2007 to leading the HR vertical as Head HR, the journey had been great.

However, there was always a thought that lingered in me which compelled me to do something beyond a job.

Living the corporate life was easy as you get to work with people and earn well but soon, my heart told me that I needed to do something that wasn’t just a job.

So, after thinking through the decision for a long time, I finally bit the bullet and decided to quit my corporate job.


Did teaching come naturally to you? When did you knew that teaching can be the right path for your future?

Being from a HR background, I was always good with people. For me, interacting with people came naturally.

Also, I had always been a good student academic wise. So, when I started teaching children in my neighbourhood it occurred to me that I can also teach other students.

That’s when I discussed this step with my husband who supported my choice.

Fast forward to today, I enjoy teaching to the fullest and have been teaching since years now.



That sounds great! So, how are you enjoying your new journey as a teacher? Tell us about the subjects and classes you teach.

 I am loving it! Teaching is my passion and I get immense satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with my students.

I teach all subjects to Primary (1st to 5th) and Secondary (6th to 10th) class students.

I also provide specialized coaching and tuition in Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Maths and Physics in Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

As a teacher, I find it satisfying to teach students of both primary as well as secondary classes. Plus, I also have students whom I teach specialized subjects for competitive exams.


Why should people contact you for tuition? Tell us your USP!

If you are looking for a CBSE home tutor in Delhi, here are 3 reasons why you should contact me for tuition –

  • I am adaptable to every student’s needs and skills
  • I have strong subject knowledge
  • I put emphasis on concepts and basics while teaching


Do you have any advice to share with students or aspiring teachers?

Firstly, I would like to say that I am not someone who likes to advise people. I feel it’s the choices of every individual that defines how they live their life.

Secondly, for professionals who want to pursue their passion or follow a new path in life, my suggestion would be to take your time before making a career switch. One should evaluate every little aspect before taking a plunge.

I would also like to thank to give me this opportunity - as a teacher, I feel we need such an online platform to help us connect with students, promote ourselves and establish a unique identity.

All the Best!


To know more about Ratandeep Kaur and contact her for home tuition, visit her website.

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