Meet Lydian Nadhaswaram: a mini maestro who has won hearts and $1 million for his musical talent

Meet Lydian Nadhaswaram: a mini maestro who has won hearts and $1 million for his musical talent

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 14/03/2019

While most of us were probably completing our homework and assignments at the age of 13, a young child prodigy was busy winning hearts with his musical talent.

At the tender age of 13, Lydian Nadhaswaram has become ‘The World’s Best’ of a global talent competition with his incredible piano playing.


Hailing from Madras, Chennai – Lydian Nadhaswaram is the son of Tamil music director Varshan Satish and has been playing the piano with his little fingers since he was only 2 years old!

After his father got amazed by the astonishing talent shown by his little son, he decided to hone his talents by enrolling him in A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory.

Fast forward to present day, Lydian Nadhaswaram has made both his parents and the country proud by winning the ‘Oscars for Entertainment’ and a cash prize worth $ 1 million for his musical talent!


A polite and humble kid, when asked about his dreams Lydian replied “My father has reminded me that I am born to make the nation proud and calls me the one and only genius. So his words give me more energy and passion to practice and improve.”

This 13 year old Indian prodigy plays piano at the speed of light and reached an impressive feat of playing 280 beats per minute!


Two Words: Mind Blown.

Both the audience and the judges of the talent show called ‘The World’s Best’ were awestruck when the little Lydian continued to increase his speed and reach an amazing 325 beats per minute.

Even the host of the show James Corden couldn’t help but praise the little wonder from India, saying it was “one of the best performances he had ever seen live”.


After winning the prestigious award, the child prodigy Lydian went on to make an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show where he claimed he could play two different tunes at the same time with two hands.


In his own words, “It’s like, for example, in my left hand I can play Mission Impossible, and on my right hand, I can play Harry Potter simultaneously”, he said.

Well, that’s what we call an amazing talent!


We wish Lydian Nadhaswaram, the 13 year old little Mozart from Madras a bright future – we are all proud of his incredible talent and hope he continues to mesmerize audiences with his piano playing!


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