Meet Indian YouTuber Neelam: a Mother Turned Vlogger with a passion for Food

Meet Indian YouTuber Neelam: a Mother Turned Vlogger with a passion for Food

  • 21/06/2019

Being a mother is no easy task; some say it’s a full time job in itself.

However, that doesn’t mean mothers cannot follow their hobbies and passions in life! 

Despite the busy schedule of being a mother, some women still make time for doing what they love and following their interests in life.

Need an example?

Neelam Saurabh Sharma is such an example...a mother turned vlogger who has followed her passion for food and cooking with all her heart and soul.  With 1 lac subscribers and 15 million views on her YouTube channel, she is definitely taking her love for food places!

As a mother and homemaker, Neelam has started her online journey of being a ‘foodtuber’ a.k.a. a chef who shares delicious recipes with the world through her YouTube channel.



MillionCenters spoke to Indian YouTuber Neelam about her journey so far and what keeps her inspired to follow a journey filled with love for food and cooking –


Hello Neelam! Thank you for sharing your time with us, would you tell our readers about yourself?

Hello! I am Neelam Saurabh Sharma, a housewife with two lovely kids and a caring husband.

I live in Gujarat and love to follow my passion for food and cooking in life.


How did you get inspired to take up cooking and vlogging as a hobby or a part-time interest?

For me, cooking was a natural way to express myself and share my talent. I feel it was destiny that played a role and inspired me to follow my love for food in life.

Plus, feeding people has always been one of my passions in life.

They say there’s no love greater than the love for food and I completely agree with that quote.

I love when I am able to put a smile on people’s face with my dishes and recipes.


Tell us more about your journey from a mother to a ‘vlogger’

After becoming a mother, I decided to quit my corporate job and focus completely on raising my children as a full-time mother. I did not want to miss out on the joy of seeing my little ones grow and thus, a job was a no-no for me.

However, I soon realized I was left with free time in my day that I could use. It was then when I thought of going back to cooking as a part-time hobby.

Soon enough, I started experimenting with new cuisines and recipes.

Luckily, my friends and family have been super supportive in my journey. It was with their faith and appreciation that I decided to become a ‘vlogger’ and started sharing my cooking recipes, food tips and everyday life on YouTube.