Meet Guitar Rao: A Music Teacher who gives Music lessons for just 1 Rupee

Meet Guitar Rao: A Music Teacher who gives Music lessons for just 1 Rupee

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 26/11/2018

What can you get in 1 Rupee today?

At best a candy, a gum or a glass of water, right? Wrong.

If you are a music lover (or an aspiring learner) – you can get music lessons from S Venkatesh Rao a.k.a. ‘Guitar Rao’ in just 1 Re! 

A civil engineer turned music teacher, SV Rao is a 58 year old man who travels from city to city to look for music lovers “who would love to learn a tune or a music instrument.”


Carrying a bag of instruments on his back which include guitar and flute, Rao says his only and biggest goal in life now is to “promote and spread music” and make learning music as affordable as possible.

To spread his mission and music knowledge - Rao gives music lessons for just Re 1.

There are many people who want to learn music but cannot afford taking lessons. I want to teach music to as many people as possible,” he said.

While most music teachers and instructors rely on academies, centers or online lessons, ‘Guitar Rao’ believes in travelling and taking his music lessons to people wherever he goes.

I do not have a studio setup to teach; I can teach wherever I find students,” he says.


When in Delhi, ‘Guitar Rao’ can be seen teaching flute, guitar, keyboards and singing lessons to enthusiasts near Connaught Place area.

By paying just 1 Rupee, everyone can learn to play their favourite tunes and live a joyful life, according to Rao.

I have left my corporate job to play and promote music. In the rat race of today, people have high income and designations but still have few reasons to be happy. Music can help them relive the joy of living and learning something new.

S Venkatesh Rao believes in the philosophy of teaching music and sharing his knowledge with others.

He wants the world to have more teachers and learners like him who can share the joy of having a creative interest in life.


His message is based on positivity from learning music, dance or singing.

When asked about his sudden change of plan, he recalls his professional life as boring and mundane. He left his home in Andhra Pradesh five years ago and has been since promoting and teaching music to students wherever he can.

To make sure people have a medium for self-expression, this ‘one man school’ now starts teaching people since morning and is happy to share his contact info with anyone who shares interest.

A firm believer in the power of music and arts for healing - ‘Guitar Rao’ says that even a terrorist in jail can be turned into a saint if taught music!

If you are interested to join his music lessons, simply head to Central Delhi area and you will find him happily sitting under a tree in a park or at a footpath teaching music to his loyal learners and fans.

By the end of a course, he gifts every pupil a flute along with a message.

He says, “If you are satisfied and happy with my lessons, you must donate a flute to a blind person or an orphan or anyone in need. You must share your knowledge with others.”

From young children to teenagers and adults, people from all walks of life like to learn music from ‘Guitar Rao’ and make their lives more meaningful and happier.

We appreciate the man and his mission to make the lives of people better with the power of music. 

From a civil engineer to a music teacher- it takes a lot of courage to follow your heart. Kudos to SV Rao for leading by example!


Final Words

Life is never too busy, it’s just that we have shifted our priorities to make more money and fame without making time for our inner growth and happiness.

If this story inspired you - feel free to share it with others!

Also, take some time out and make a pledge to learn something new that you feel passionate or curious about.


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