Meet Falguni Mazumder: A classical dancer, trainer and actor with a love for dance

Meet Falguni Mazumder: A classical dancer, trainer and actor with a love for dance

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 09/05/2018

Bharatanatyam,one of the many classical dance forms in India, is being carried forward since generations. Evolving on its journey from a dance of Goddesses to a traditional dance form practiced by the elite society, Bharatanatyam is both a traditional art form and a symbolic representation of our country's rich culture. 

Carrying forward the ancient dance form of Bharatanatyam is Falguni Mazumder - a brilliant young dancer based in Delhi.

Professionally trained under the prolific guidance of her aunts M/s Madhuri Roy and Chitra Paul (both professional dancers themselves), Falguni continues to inspire and teach students the ancient art form of Bharatanatyam at Kalakriti - her classical dance academy in Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. She has completed her PG Diploma course in Kalakshetra style at Bharatiya Kala Kendra.

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Dance is all about expressing yourself with movements and Falguni Mazumder has been embracing the evolution of Bharatanatyam dance form since years now. Both her solo as well as group performances have won accolades, awards and appreciation in art circles and societies. One of the favorite disciples of Justin McCarthy (a noted American-born Indian classical dancer) who heads the Bharatanatyam department at Delhi's prestigious- Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra.

With her art of dance, Falguni conveys different emotions, tell stories and above all, entertain audiences in a uniquely beautiful and inspiring way.

Apart from teaching classical dance to students at her academy, Falguni Mazumder has also donned multiple hats as a female actor in various 'dance drama' productions by Justin McCarthy. Both her dancing prowess and artistic performances have been praised for their power of expression.

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Tracing her journey into the world of art and dance, it is not surprising to see that Falguni has emerged as a teacher as well as a torchbearer for promoting classical dance in India. Given the rise of various contemporary dancing styles in India, classical dance is an art best cherished, preserved and promoted among people.

If you're looking for the best classical dance teachers in Delhi, look no further than Kalakriti Academy - a premier dance academy to learn various Indian classical dance forms under the guidance of Falguni Mazumder.

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Dance as a hobby is a perfect way to de-stress and express yourself. Plus, it has numerous physical benefits too! Whether you are looking for dance classes for kids or adults, learning from professional expert dancers is always a good way to start. What's interesting is you can easily choose between weekday or weekend batches to learn as per your convenience. 

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