Meet Dawat e Hind: Two foodies on their expedition for the love of food and travel

Meet Dawat e Hind: Two foodies on their expedition for the love of food and travel

  • 01/07/2019

Food bloggers are lucky, they get to try awesome dishes at amazing places and feed themselves to the satisfaction of their heart.

Travel bloggers are lucky too, they get to visit new places and hideouts and share their love for travel through words and pictures to the satisfaction of their heart.

Ask any food or travel blogger, and they’d agree they love what they do. After all, it’s their love for food and travel that keeps them going places.

Jatin and Shivangi are two friends who share a common love for food and travelling – and now they share their journey through their beloved blog ‘Dawat-e-Hind’: a blog where they share experiences, escapades and everything related to dishes and destinations!

MillionCenters caught up with them and asked them what makes them ‘click’ and ‘share’ their mutual love for food and travel between Delhi and Manchester:


Welcome! Please start by introducing our readers to who you are and what you do.


We are Jatin and Shivangi, two friends who shares a mutual love and passion for food and travel. We share our journey and experiences through our Instagram page ‘Dawat-e-Hind’ – a blog where dishes and destinations come together.

Jatin: “I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering from Delhi”.

Shivangi: “I am pursuing my Masters from Manchester”.


That sounds amazing! How and when did the two of you decided to take your passion for food and travel to other places?

It was Shivangi's idea to start a page on Instagram as she had been a Zomato reviewer from a long time.

It was in October 2017 that we finally sat down to start a page and from there we have been working to follow the journey we started.

It was some of the well known influencers that inspired at that time, DelhiEats, Foodiesince96 and Dillikepakwaan to name a few.

From then we have come across many more talented people and the journey has been a steep curve of learning and growing along.

Overall, it’s been really fun and I have started organizing food walks in the capital to take Delhi’s amazing street food to more food lovers.  

After all, the way to our hearts, start with our food!


dawatehind ss.jpg


Tell us more about your hobbies and interests?

Apart from food and travelling, both of us share a common interest in dance and music. I play flute and perform street theatre while Shivangi loves to follow her love for dancing.

All in all, it is our passions and hobbies that keep us together and on the go.

Being the food and travel blogging enthusiast that we are, we love to explore new places in our cities and go on small expeditions whenever possible.

Jatin: "I recently conducted two food walks in Old Delhi and the response was phenomenal, I plan to do more of that in future".


We’re glad to know you’re doing what you love! Tell our readers about how do you make time for all this?

We believe if one truly loves doing what they love in life, it is easy to find the time, will and energy for doing it.

Luckily, both of us are super supportive of each others’ decisions and choices. So, if one of us starts to slack, the other one lifts them up and so on.

Both of us are happiest when we follow our interests together, after all, our jobs can fill our pockets, but only our hobbies can fill our soul!


That sounds wonderful! As a community for learners and teachers, we are happy to have you on our blog. Is there any advice or suggestion you would like to share with our readers?

First of all, thank you for giving us this opportunity. We definitely need initiatives like MillionCenters, especially in a country like India where people still focus on their academic growth while ignoring their emotional or psychological happiness.

Yes, it is tough to make time for recreation and side passions while working or studying, but trust us, it is completely worth it.

Shivangi: "There are days of self-doubt but the appreciation we get from our fans and followers keeps us going ahead!"

We would advice every youngster to cultivate a hobby or interest in their life, no matter at what age you are, it’s never too late to learn something new and follow your heart.


Final Words

We hope you liked meeting and reading ple ‘Dawat-e-Hind’ – a food and travel blog run and promoted by Jatin and Shivangi, two friends who share the same passion in life.

To stay updated with ‘Dawat-e-Hind’ and their journey for tasty dishes and picturesque destinations, follow them now on:  




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