Meet Anil Kumar: A Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy Teacher from Gurugram

Meet Anil Kumar: A Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy Teacher from Gurugram

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 15/02/2019

We all write words but not all of us write them beautifully and elegantly – that is where the art of handwriting and calligraphy comes into play.

Calligraphy is the technique to decorate your handwriting and make stylish flourishes, strokes and styles with words.

Even Steve Jobs took up a calligraphy course in his college that helped him develop a sense of artistic intelligence.

For those who are ready to learn calligraphy or improve their handwriting, finding the right teacher can be a tough task.

Thus, we decided to share the story of Anil Kumar – handwriting expert and calligraphy teacher in Gurugram who has embarked on a journey to help people create magic with their words.

We had the pleasure to meet and discuss with him about the importance of having a good handwriting and how he plans to promote his handwriting improvement classes to students in Delhi-NCR –



MC: Hello Anil! Thank you for taking out your time to tell our readers about yourself. Let’s start with your introduction first.


AK: Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I am a working professional who teaches handwriting improvement classes in Gurugram for kids and also share practical tips for people who want to learn calligraphy as a creative hobby.

I have a decade of teaching experience in this field.


MC: How did you start about learning calligraphy? Did you always wanted to learn and teach it?


AK: My story is a bit different from others. Usually people take up creative hobbies like calligraphy when they have free time or an interest to learn something new.

For me, learning this skill started on a different note.


MC: Can you describe your story in detail? How and why did you start learning and improving your handwriting?


AK: During my school days, I used to have poor handwriting. So much so, that my grades and results got hit due to my improper way of writing answers in exams.

Even though I was always a good student but still could not score well due to my bad handwriting. 

After 10th standard, I decided to do something about it.

I realized how having a good handwriting was important to professional success so I started watching videos on YouTube about how to improve my handwriting from scratch.

I practiced a lot and continuously made improvements with my handwriting. 

Although I am self-taught, I believe learning any hobby or creative skill is best when you learn with a teacher - as it involves constant guidance, feedback and a personal connect. 


MC: How much time did it took you to improve your handwriting? Was your journey easy?


AK: Honestly, I am still improving my handwriting till date (laughs) as learning is a lifelong journey for me. It took me some years to get better – I started by identifying basic shapes, loops, curves and slant which are the building blocks of a person’s handwriting.

Once I gained a sense of hand-control and confidence over the basics, I advanced to learn about line quality, letter sizes and various fonts to further practice and improve my handwriting.

In total, it took me many years to reach the level where I am today.

Thankfully, people don’t know me for my bad handwriting anymore.

They now recognize me as someone who writes nicely, clearly and beautifully!


MC: That sounds great! What about your teaching experience? Tell us more about that.


AK: Teaching didn’t come naturally to me especially since I was self-taught.

With time, I developed confidence as a handwriting improvement teacher and fast forward to present day, I have more than 10 years of experience in my field.

Luckily, now my students and their parents enjoy the way I give them handwriting improvement lessons in a simple and easy to understand way.


MC: Why do you think having a good handwriting matters today?


AK: From my experience, the handwriting of a person has maximum impact on their overall personality.

Especially for students - having a good, clear and easy-to-understand handwriting can be a huge differentiating factor between good and bad grades at school.

I can easily look at a person’s handwriting and evaluate attributes about their personality and traits.

Having practiced handwriting improvement and calligraphy for many years, I have developed a strong sense of connect with words.

For some people, words are only used for communication.

For me, words are medium for expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions with beauty. That is why having a good handwriting matters.



MC: According to you, what are the 3 most important steps to develop a good and beautiful handwriting style?


AK: Good question.

For anyone who is interested in improving their handwriting and creating beauty with written words, I have 3 tips to offer –

#1 Developing Hand Control: this is the most important aspect when it comes to learning calligraphy or improving handwriting.

In my years of teaching, I have noticed most of the time people don’t have a sense of control over their hand muscles, leading to poor handwriting.

Just like playing music or cooking, writing also takes up different muscle groups in our hands.

To improve hand control, people can use a variety of techniques such as – writing in the air, practicing basic shapes, experimenting with hand pressure and determining the right spacing between letters.


#2 Using different writing tools: some people can write nicely with a ball point pen but poorly with a pencil. The use of writing tools is another important factor in determining the overall quality and consistency of your handwriting.

Personally, I always recommend my students to try different writing tools for developing confidence.

From an ink pen to a roll-on and even a mechanical pencil, every tool will give you something unique to learn and practice upon.

The more confidence you have on your tools, the better craftsman you are.


#3 Practicing: last but not the least, practicing regularly is a must if someone wants to improve their handwriting or learn calligraphy. When I started learning, I used to practice for 3-4 hours every single day without fail.

Sure, it is boring and repetitive but without practicing over and over, improvement isn’t possible.

Also as I said, good handwriting is a lot about achieving hand control and that comes only with practice.

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MC: Why do you want to teach handwriting improvement to more people?


AK: Two reasons.

Firstly, I realize how importance it is to have a good handwriting in today’s worlds. Especially for students who want to get good grades at school and develop confidence.

When I help students improve their handwriting, it helps them perform better in examinations.

Secondly, it gives me satisfaction and a sense of purpose to share my knowledge and experience with others.

I give handwriting improvement lessons to students of age 10 and above and it really makes me happy when they develop a beautiful, clear and legible handwriting. 

Both students and their parents thank and appreciate me for helping them develop a better sense of thinking and writing in life.

My aim is to continue helping people improve their handwriting or learn calligraphy.


MC: Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey with our readers! Is there anything you would want to tell them?


AK: It’s my pleasure. The only piece of advice I would like to give to the readers is to practice a lot and don’t worry about making mistakes.

We only get better at something with practice and dedication. If someone like me can improve handwriting and learn calligraphy, everyone can.

The benefits of having a good handwriting are immense – so you must invest in learning and practicing it.

One of my favorite quotes is –

Your handwriting is a reflection of your personality, keep it beautiful.

For anyone who is interested to write beautifully, take every opportunity to write as a new chance to improve your handwriting. Soon, you will get there!



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