Meet Advait Kolarkar : A Toddler with Talent worth Millions

Meet Advait Kolarkar : A Toddler with Talent worth Millions

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 04/05/2018

'There's no better school than childhood and no better teacher than curiosity'

Meet Advait Kolarkar, a Pune born Indian who has been living in Canada since 2016. This bright little young man has a different story than an average 4 year old toddler - while most kids of his age are learning how to read and write, Advait is busy creating artistic masterpieces with his vivid imagination.  


(Source: Facebook/AdvaitKolarkar)

Becoming the youngest artist to feature his work at the New York ArtExpo (one of the world's largest and most reputed art shows), Advait Kolarkar's artworks were present among more than 400 exhibiting artists and thousands of publishers and visitors. This 4 year old painter has been creating art since childhood and has turned his natural talent into a budding hobby. His recent exhibition titled 'Colour Blizzard'' gave a glimpse into this child prodigy's talent and had his original paintings selling for more than $2000!

Young Advait's mother, Shruti Kolarkar couldn't be any prouder of her toddler's talent and inspiring skill and continues to foster the right creative environment for her son. Shruti is overjoyed and wants her son to enjoy doing art the way he wants to.


(Source: Facebook/AdvaitKolarkar)

"When he was one year old, he was already making a lot of artistic compositions and drawings on floor, which caught my attention and I thought that this should be on a proper canvas ", says Shruti Kolarkar. According to her, Advait possessed a natural sense of colour and composition from a young age and she wanted to provide the right creative medium for his talent to grow and flourish.

Advait's paintings are abstract in nature and rely on patterns, arranged in layers of washes of colours to give them a unique appeal. Layered by hand and brush, the young kid continues to paint and create art spontaneously without any restrictions or instructions from anybody.


(Source: Facebook/AdvaitKolarkar)

From oceans and aquatic life to space and supernova, Advait's artistic subjects are a direct result of his creative imagination and a demonstration of his innate curiosity.

Explore more of his artworks here.

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Both the parents are overwhelmed by the tremendous response to Advait's 3 artwork exhibitions till date, and he has become the youngest Canadian to exhibit his original paintings. Famous American artist Howard Schoor is tremendously impressed with Advait's talent and flair for art. "I think this young man has a unique talent which he has been able to express at an early age." He remarked. "What Advait and I have in common is that we both started painting two years ago. The difference is that I am 79 and he is four years old", Howard said.

This young prodigy has proved that there's no right or wrong age to pick and learn a hobby in life. Like Advait, everyone can connect with their creative side through a hobby that gives joy and satisfaction. Whether one has the natural talent or not, with practice and perseverance, no dream is too big to achieve!

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