Maths Tutor in Greater Noida West Shailendra Sexena

Maths Tutor in Greater Noida West Shailendra Sexena

  • 06/02/2022

Shailendra , an enthusiastic and positive person

An enthusiastic and positive person by nature, Shailendra is on a mission to make maths a friendly, easy and useful subject for children of all age groups. With his unique teaching style and rich experience, anyone who is preparing for CBSE/ICSE board exams, competitive exams or even Maths Olympiads can contact him for maths coaching in Greater Noida West. 



Mr. Shailendra K Sexena. I am an Ex-Banker (Served SBi for 21years). He used to give Tuitions while working in SBI. After Voluntary Retirement from bank. He has started giving Math Coaching as full-time venture.

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Passion for Tutoring

During his schooling, his favourite subject was MATHS. He started providing Math Tuitions to 8th and 9th standard students when he himself was studying in 10th standard. From there his PASSION for Math began


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Before joining Cuemath in 2015, He use to run tuition Center to teach math to only 8th, 9th and 10th class. After joining Cuemath he started teaching Math from LKG to 8th on Cuemath interface (online) and 1st to 10th offline. Apart from teaching School-Math, he also train his students to compete in various Competitive Exams like OLYMPIAD, NSTSE, ARYABHATTA etc. Ten of his students got Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals during 7years with Cuemath. His aim is to see all his students to win MEDALS in OLYMPIAD.


Unique Method of Teaching

The Unique Technique about his teaching is Cueing. Just like in Pool or Billiard game we use a long stick called CUE to guide the ball to the pocket, with same technique he would never tell his students the answer to the question, but take them towards the answer using Cueing Technique.

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His Greatest Inspiration

Mr Manan Khurma the Founder of Cuemath is his inspiration. He is an IITian and in a very young age he not only taught more than 10000 students but also laid the foundation of a very Unique, Effective and Global Math Teaching Program CUEMATH, where we ask WHY before WHAT to our students to make them VERY STRONG in concepts of MATH.


Other Interests

Singing is his most favourite passion after MATH. He is also learning to play PIANO and GUITAR. He is also a singer and has sung more than 2500 songs on STARMAKER.


How can we make this a better world


Mr. Shailendra believes we can make this WORLD a better place by making everyone on this earth EDUCATED.



Contact Details


Visit his website to get more details about him.



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