Making a Career Out of Your Passion for Sports

Making a Career Out of Your Passion for Sports

  • 04/05/2020

Everyone should feel happy and fulfilled in their job, which is why many people choose to follow a career path that revolves around something they're passionate about. If you’re interested in a career in athletics or the health and fitness industry in general, there are certain steps you must take to achieve your career goals. Here are four ways in which you can turn your passion for sports into your dream job.


Although going to college might not be a path everyone is interested in, in terms of your career, gaining a degree-level education in the relevant discipline will only help to boost your chances of employment. Most employers like to see that a candidate has shown dedication to their learning and developed their knowledge in a particular area of expertise. This is the same for any sporting discipline you’re interested in as a career, and there are many courses you can study at a degree level to help further your understanding and experience.


If you’re concerned about the financial aspects of attending college, there are funding opportunities available to those who need it most. Scholarships are the most common forms of financial support available to potential students, and they are available to candidates of any age. Sporting scholarships are particularly popular, but they’re also very competitive. You must be prepared to work hard at proving your athletic abilities, as well as prove that you have the right grades to be accepted into the college of your choice. You can find out what the entry requirements for your college are by looking at their website, and there should also be information regarding this on your scholarship’s page, too. Check out for an example of the types of athletic scholarships available.

Work Experience

Education will work in your favor, but if you can secure some work experience while you study, this will also be very beneficial. A lot of employers like to see that candidates have had some work experience in the past, whether this be a paid position or through volunteering or internships. You can ask your college if you can work as a TA or in an administration role, which might be easier to manage while you’re studying for your degree. Alternatively, ask your local gym or fitness center if there are any available positions. Ideally, you will want to gain some experience in a role that is relevant to your future career, so if you have a specific role in mind – for example, a high school football coach – volunteering to help your college coach or at a local school could be beneficial.

Open Your Own Business

You can go and work for a company after you graduate, or you might want to go into business for yourself. If you’re going to start your own business within the sports industry, do your research in marketing, health and safety regulations and perhaps take a course in business management to help you prepare for the business administration side of things.

Everyone should work in a job they’re passionate about, and if you’re interested in a sporting career, keep in mind the above suggestions, and you will achieve your goals.

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