Life Coach as a profession

Life Coach as a profession

  • 07/06/2019


You must have heard that having a coach or a guide in your life is great and there must be someone you can look up to, in times of trouble.

But do you know what actually a life coach does? A life coach is a person who examines your goals and builds an effective plan to achieve them.

It is very different from the basic teaching as it requires a holistic relationship with the learner and the subject under study. Now days, this profession is being increasingly adopted because people are confused and lost. There is no clear vision in their minds.

The work of a life coach involves consultancy in professional as well as personal lives of people. The coach helps to analyse the present situation of the subject and examine the steps that are necessary to achieve what is planned for future.

It is a comprehensive task as it requires a lot of pre-hand study and research. The coach should be professional and knowledgeable and be as updated as possible. They should know about the latest case study in psychology and other mind related tricks so as to teach the students effectively.

The coach guides the client through the path, whether it is business, relationships or a person’s own issues he might be dealing with.  It is a great experience for the coach as well as the client. It does not simply involve a regular set of classes but also a productive relationship between both the parties. 

In the following article, you will find out how a life coach is opted as a profession as they are many popular life coach certification courses in India.

You will also get familiar with some of the most popular life coaches in Delhi from which you may take advice.



Many people are choosing coaching as a profession. The skills required to become one are minimum, but have to be fulfilled at the fullest in order to build a secure profession. The personality traits include being energetic, inspirational and having a problem-solving nature.

The working area is vast and involves great deal of determination. The mentor should know how to respond to every barrier and to help his or her client get out of the situation. The spectrum of the clients also varies, one person maybe a CEO while one maybe a manager of a small business firm.

There is no required qualification for becoming a life coach. One may have enough experience to tackle new arriving problems of the clients.