Learning Never Stops with this Podcast

Learning Never Stops with this Podcast

  • 01/10/2019

Podcasts are here and how – from fitness and wellness to stories and interviews, podcasts are an amazing way to learn new things and expand one’s knowledge and skills.

According to PodcastInsights.com, there are more than 30 million podcasts available for listeners today. What does that mean? Well, firstly, if you are looking for podcasts for learning new things, you’re in luck due to the vast ocean of audio content now available at your fingertips. Secondly, if you are seeking new ideas for learning and feeding your mind, your quest just got a lot tougher!

Thankfully, there are sources here to help you stay updated with new ideas from global leaders in every field. Introducing IndianGenes.com – an online podcast series that is committed to be, the go-to source when it comes to learning podcasts for the quintessential learner in you.

For youngsters and for the elders who seek knowledge and exposure to interesting ideas, conversations and thoughts, the IndianGenes podcast offers rich audio content that meets the highest International standards. Best of all, when it comes to podcasts for learning new things, they are leading the pack with their quality, free and easy access to our content.

It is often assumed that if a content is free to consume, it might offer little to no value. With IndianGenes they are breaking this notion. Their aim is to help open minds nourish themselves and quench the thirst for their knowledge without interruptions. Why do they want to do so? Because they believe knowledge should not be found behind a paywall. So, here they are with their educational podcast for listeners who strive to derive value out of information and knowledge.

From astronomers to AI scientists and beyond, you can expect a diverse and enriching mix of thought leaders from various fields on our podcast. Their mission is to bring ideas home and that is only possible with your support! If you are looking for a podcast for learning new things, your search ends at IndianGenes.com

Podcasts are great to get your mind active and running while you’re on the go. Be it on your daily commute or your weekend reading pursuits, the format is suitable for anyone who has a will to learn new things and absorb knowledge via their ears.

Does this sound like you? If the answer is a yes, give your ears and mind a new way to access interesting and fascinating ideas, discussions, facts, observations and insights available on their podcast. With IndianGenes.com, learning never stops!

Listen now at http://indiangenes.com/

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