Learning Languages in Class vs. Online

Learning Languages in Class vs. Online

  • 20/09/2019

Learning is a process. Learning a language is considered a unique skill. A new language learnt opens up innumerable opportunities for a person. It allows you not only to know a variety of cultures but also to mingle with more people. There would be no downsides of learning a language whatsoever. As social animals, the more we widen or circle, the better the opportunities life throws at us.


To give you an idea of how important and life-changing learning a new language can be, we tell you about two recognized days of concern.


  • International Translation Day (30-Sep)


It is a day that reminds us well of how different the rest of the world might be, from us, in terms of language. We rely on Google Translate these days, but translation was taken up as a profession in the past when travelling was new and just beginning.


  • European Day of Languages (26-Sep)


The European continent is a delightful mix of cultures, languages and traditions. That alone is a reason good enough to dedicate a day and celebrate the diversity in languages. The European Day of Languages falls on the 26th of September.


While the process of learning a new language by itself seems tedious, the excellent human development has a solution for that as well. There are multiple methods through which you can master the skills of any language.


There is face to face, person to group and group discussions on learning a language nowadays which can effectively and efficiently be used online or offline, thanks to the ever-growing technology. While some people might prefer online classes over offline or vice versa, this article will help those who are on the lookout for their best-suited method.


Online Learning                                             




  • You can follow your own pace.
  • Community support proves to be a helpful tool
  • Audio and Video aided learning
  • Viewing progress compared to others
  • No peer pressure


While Online learning might look like the boon fro paradise, it has its disadvantages as well. Everyone can not afford a fast internet connection. Most language learning courses involving the basics are free of cost, but advanced level language learning courses might be expensive.


In-Class learning




  • Immediate doubt clarifications
  • Compulsory writing practices (mostly)
  • Structured learning
  • No distractions
  • Learning from peers and discussions


There are disadvantages to this method too. You need to keep up with the instructor's deadlines, and most of the times, the class won't wait for you to catch up if you miss a lesson or two. Finding a tutor will always be an expensive affair.


It is, in the end, up to you to choose between in-class or online learning. With millioncenters.com, you can find both in-class and online tutoring to learn new languages. We have integrated the best of both worlds for your convenience. Make the best use of our platform on your enriching language learning journey.


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