Learn Hip Hop Dance moves from the Best Hip Hop Dance Classes in Delhi

Learn Hip Hop Dance moves from the Best Hip Hop Dance Classes in Delhi

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 07/11/2017

Want to take your love for dancing to the next level? Are you searching for the best dance classes in Delhi to learn your favorite hip hop dance moves? If yes, this post will help you to connect and learn from the best dance schools in Delhi for learning hip hop dance style!

Hip Hop evolved as a music style to a dancing style thanks to it cool moves and freestyle dancing style. Often improvisational in nature, Hip Hop has emerged as one of the most favorite dance forms around the world.

Delhi is home to numerous dance schools, trainers, academies and you can learn your favorite hip hop dance moves from expert instructors and trainers! 

No matter what corner of Delhi you are living in, we have compiled a list of the 5 best Hip Hop Dance classes in Delhi to get you moving and grooving to your favorite hip hop moves.  

Check them out -


#1 - Delhi Dance Academy

The name says it all - Delhi's premier dancing academy to help you learn your favorite hip hop dance moves from professional dancers, trainers and instructors.

Delhi Dance Academy is one of the best hip hop dance academy to engage in fun dance competitions and improve your ability to dance. Situated in Lajpat Nagar, you can connect with Delhi Dance Academy today to let the learning begin!

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#2 - Zenith Dance Institute

Want to reach the zenith of dancing? Connect and learn hip hop dance from expert trainers and instructors at Zenith Dance Institute! Situated in Satya Niketan, you can easily learn your favorite hip hop dance styles like - freestyling, breaking, b-boying, locking and many more.  

Available for beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers alike, you can learn different styles of Hip Hop dance from qualified dance instructors at this dance institute in Delhi. 

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#3 - Brooklyn Academy of Dance and Arts

One of the founding cities for Hip Hop dance movement, Brooklyn (New York) has led to the birth of numerous sub-dance forms in the Hip Hop dancing styles such as - old school, popping, locking, break dancing and b-boying. 

The good news is you can easily learn these Hip Hop dancing styles from expert trainers, choreographers and dance teachers at Brooklyn Academy of Dance and Arts. Situated in Vijay Nagar, you can connect with BADA to take your love for hip hop dancing to the next level!

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#4 - Big Dance Centre

Want to get enrolled in a professional dance study program and learn from the best dance institutes in Delhi? Big Dance Centre is your ultimate source of finding the best hip hop lessons to learn and take your love for dancing professionally. Get formally trained by expert choreographers and best dance teachers to learn more about different Hip Hop dance moves and their significance. 

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, connect with Big Dance Center located in Rohini and Chhatarpur and register for the best Hip Hop dance classes in Delhi today. 

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 #5 - PAIPA Dance and Music Classes

Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance styles in India and if you too are interested to sign up for dance classes in South Delhi, start with professional hip hop dance lessons at PAIPA (Pradeep Adwani's Institute for Performing Arts) located in Lajpat Nagar. 

Learn hip hop dance moves like -freestyling, b-boying and many more from the best choreographers and dance trainers and get better at hip hop,. Be it a kid or an adult, PAIPA dance classes will provide you the right platform to learn hip hop dance.

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Ready to Learn?

So, why the wait? Get started on your dancing journey today and connect with the best  hip hop dance classes in Delhi today!

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