Learn Creative Writing benefits of Creative writing and how to find creative writing jobs

Learn Creative Writing benefits of Creative writing and how to find creative writing jobs

  • 04/12/2020

Learn Creative Writing benefits of creative writing and how to find creative writing jobs


When it comes to Creative writing definition, Wikipedia defines it as


Creative writing is any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and poetics


While youdictionary presents creative writing definition as


original writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way


This, it basically an art of expressing something with more details, making things more interesting for the readers. Creative Writing is a kind of writing in which imaginativeness is at the bleeding edge of its inspiration through using inventive psyche, creative mind, and advancement to describe a story. It's frequently observed as something contrary to editorial or academic writing.


5 Top Benefits of Creative Writing Skills

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Importance of creative writing stems from the fact, we user it for expressing our views, thoughts, infact as right from the early age in school when we respond to questions to the professional life where we respond to email, the way you communicate by writing,  is what will make you stand ahead of the crowd.


  1. Permits you to build up your voice and have your viewpoint without any restrictions.
  2. You get a chance to express your ideas and thoughts and
  3. Improve communications skills, guiding you to expres how you feel about themes, views, ways of thinking, characters, and so on.
  4. Builds up confidence and makes you comfortable with asserting your opinions in writing, too.
  5. Helps improve vocabulary


Indeed, when you participate in creative writing, you're invigorating and pushing your creative mind and "considering some fresh possibilities." It permits you to pull together your energy on different things and to turn out to be better at finding options and new answers for issues you're encountering.

As you start to do writing routinely, you'll have a more broad vocabulary; you'll also comprehend the ways of reading and creative writing better.



Types of Creative Writing

While there is no finite list or standard to define types of creative writing, there is a short list of what are different types of creative writing


  1. Novel writing
  2. Fiction Short Stories
  3. Kids fables
  4. Blogging (if you wish to start Blogging, do read blogging for beginners)
  5. Poetry
  6. Plays
  7. Movie scripts
  8. Songs
  9. Biography
  10. Speeches
  11. News Articles
  12. Essay writing ( If your are a college student – do check Essay writing article)
  13. Resume Writing




How to learn creative writing on your own?

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You need to sort out which type of experimental writing intrigues you the most.


You may have interests in a few types of creative writing; notwithstanding, it's typically best, to begin with, one structure or a couple of comparative forms prior to stretching out into different territories.


To figure out where to begin, consider what intrigues you most. If you appreciate a specific kind of fiction, for example, Horror, and envision how you would compose the story in an unexpected way, you might need to start by figuring out how to write in that sort.


  1. Take creative writing courses -

Creative writing courses are accessible in several places. If you don't want to take classes in college, you can always join an online course or attend a short one or two-day seminars.


  1. Read books on creative writing  -

Books may include techniques on how to stimulate your creativity, give suggestions on how to structure your writing time, or offer advice on dealing with agents and publishers. You can also learn particular writing methods that can be applied across several writing genres.


  1. Attend writing workshops- 

Writing workshops provide you with the opportunity to share your write-ups with and have it inspected by fellow writers, and to learn how different writers structure their works.


  1. Join any writer's group-

It's a great networking option where one can interact with other writers, share their work and learn new techniques of writing.


  1. Practice –

 Regardless of what formal or casual techniques you decide to learn creative writing, the surest method to improve your writing aptitudes is to write consistently and frequently.




Top 5 Creative writing Courses Online

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1. Creative Writing Certificate Course by Wesleyan on Coursera.


Coursera offers creative writing courses online, with no prerequisite other than a passion for writing is required. It lets you master the techniques needed to compose a bracing story with significant characters written in a fresh elucidating style. Also, assists with analysing and constructively review peer writing. Anyone with an experience level can understand It as the content of the program is developed. Upon the completion of the course, you will not only develop a more vital ability to write but scrutinise writing in general. It consists of 4 studies focused on the critical aspects of writing. You are free to take these in any order.


2.  Creative Writing Courses & Classes on Skillshare


Skillshare platform allows students to take up thousands of courses around different aspects of creativity at a marginal fee. It is valuable both for students wanting to master a particular aspect of the process and experts looking for different perspectives & learning techniques. The first-month trial is at almost zero expense and the month to month cost after that is likewise low, giving you excellent teaching with moderateness.


3. The Foundation of Fiction on Udemy


Regardless of whether you need to write books, short stories, journals, flash fiction, screenplays or stage plays, this program has got you covered. Make mind-boggling, realistic characters and structure wonderful, holding plots. These six devices, specifically character, discourse, the perspective, story, style, setting, and plot, are a few things that each refined fiction essayist uses to attain success. At Udemy you can discover number of creative writing online courses at very reasonable prices.


4.Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing Course on Master Class


 Instructed by Margaret Atwood, this course vows to be a fantastic experience. All through the length of the program find your way, overcome deterrents like fear and begin composing by picking up motivation from the educator's innovative cycle. Figure out how to make a solid story plot, structure your novel. Before the finish of this preparation, you will be sure enough to push your creative mind to the limits and make something stunning. This course will help you in creating beautiful characters and bringing them to life.


5. Writing Your Story on CreativeLive


In this class praised columnist, writer, and memoirist Joyce Maynard acquaints you with the instruments needed to change your thoughts into a retaining journal. Please start with the way toward distinguishing your story and the appropriate organisation for it. This course will help you to figure out what to include in your writing and what to cut out.


How to find Creative Writing Jobs?

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One of the marvels of the Internet is that it has opened a wide range of chances in each field possible, and creative writing is no particular case. Securing writing jobs has never been more straightforward than it is today. You can find jobs easily as a freelance writer on any job platform like

  1. Linkedin,
  2. Internshala,
  3. Naukri.com etc.

Head over to the ‘Jobs’ segment and begin looking there. Head over to the job board, pick the open door that bids the most to you, and apply!

You will, by and large, discover site and blog owners here who are hoping to employ extraordinary writers. If you have essential involvement or any experience with their field, you have a decent possibility of getting the gig.


The typical Job description of a Creative Writer


Answerable for utilising the composed word to communicate thoughts or recount a story. Making content using different interactive media designs that can be read, tuned in to, or seen onscreen.

Other essential obligations include, creating a unique substance for fiction, true to life, and short stories, utilising the composed word to communicate storylines and thoughts. Writing books or substance for magazines, exchange diaries, bulletins, and sites. Producing content for radio and transmissions, movies, and different kinds of execution. Creating scripted material for the Web and other specialised gadgets. Altering and editing content for right spelling and sentence structure. Working with editors to change and revise segments, etc.


Creative Writing for kids

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Language shapes the way we look at the world around us and widens our horizons of knowing and understanding different people and possibilities. Regardless of whether we go over writing in stories, news stories, and fantasies, language permits us to speak with each other and gain wisdom.


  • Creative writing skills equip our kids with essential tools to make sense of their feelings, thinking, and what is happening around them in general or the world.
  • Learning the craft of creative writing early prepares your child to prevail in Life. Great composing aptitudes are fundamental to a youngster's achievement in school and beyond.


By taking part in more exploratory writing, your kid will create more grounded mindfulness and perception abilities. Likewise, characterisation empowers your kid to imagine various individuals' perspectives, which develops compassion. By communicating in manners that are inventive and convincing, they figure out how to win people's consideration. A youngster who is a persuasive author and communicator will have a preferred position in any field – in school and throughout everyday life.

You can use Millioncenters to find a good English teacher conducting creative writing classes for kids.



Top 3 books to learn creative writing

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1.Dorothea Brande- Becoming a Writer

Dorothea Brande's Becoming a Writer stays evergreen for a very long time after the writer composed it. Brande accepted enthusiastically that even though individuals have changing measures of ability or talent, anybody can write. It's merely an issue of finding the "author's enchantment"- - a level of which is in all of us. She additionally demands that composing can be both easily instructed and learned.


2. John Gardner- On Becoming a Novelist  John Gardner-


On Becoming a Novelist contains the shrewdness collected during John Gardner's recognised twenty-year vocation as a fiction author and creative writing instructor. With humour, and refinement, Gardner portrays the life of a working author; cautions what should be prepared for, both from inside the essayist and from without.


3.Stephen King- A Memoir of the Craft


Part journal, part ace class by one of the tops of the line and bestselling writers ever, this magnificent volume is a unique and reasonable perspective on the author's speciality, containing the fundamental secrets to success each essayist must-have. King's recommendation is grounded in his clear recollections from childhood through his rise as an author.



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