Just Married? Here are 5 Hobby Ideas Newlywed Women can try

Just Married? Here are 5 Hobby Ideas Newlywed Women can try

  • 06/04/2019

As joyous as marriage is, it is also a time of great change.

Everything from your home and family to routine and lifestyle changes.

Although life is happening in the first few days or months of getting married, days soon become monotonous thereafter.

Once all the rituals have taken place and all the ceremonies have been done, you tend to think ‘what next?

As a newlywed bride myself, I feel married women need to explore their interests and pick up a new hobby in life.

So, what is it that you can start that to reduce boredom and have something to do when you hubby is not at home?




Here are 5 hobby ideas that newlywed women can try in their free time –



First things first - your health is important and it should always be on top of your priorities.

With all the parties and dinner invitations happening, it becomes all the more important for you to be fit and keep a balance. And, what could be better than a fun filled Zumba workout?

Zumba is not only a fun way to burn those extra calories you picked during your wedding season, it will also help you stay active and energetic throughout the day.

Personally, I love to dance and Zumba workout helps me mix dance with fitness. If you don’t want to hit the gym but want to welcome wellness in your life - try Zumba!

If this doesn’t sound very convincing, here are 7 reasons why Zumba is the best way to stay fit.


Makeup Art


Newlywed brides probably know a lot about makeup than anyone else, right?

So how about taking your love for makeup to the next level?

Makeup art is a cool hobby idea for stay-at-home brides. Not only will it help you look your beautiful best, you can actually turn it into a profitable hobby idea in future.

Whether it is a casual dinner outing with family or your first meet up after marriage with your friends, makeup is important and looking good is always a good idea, right?

Practicing makeup art will help you master two things – your personal makeup and a new hobby!

If you are completely new to Makeup art, here is a useful blog about it.

Don’t get intimidated by a lot of options, you can start with nail art in the beginning and then progress your way.





You probably are already done scrolling through your wedding album countless number of times.

So, what next?

Learning photography can be a fun and easy hobby you can try as a newlywed bride with time on your hand.

Smart phone cameras have already advanced to a level where you can take amazing photos without buying a DSLR camera.

Photography is a fun hobby that anyone can try – maybe you can ask your husband to pose for you and get better at taking portrait shots.

If you are someone who loves interior décor and design, you can also start taking pictures of your new home and share it with others.

Your subjects/interests for photography can vary – but as a newlywed bride, learning the art of taking good pictures will help you enjoy free time.

Plus, you will get brownie points for your camera skills at a future event or occasion!




Your mother wasn’t wrong when she asked you to work on your cooking skills before marriage!

Trust me girls, I know how you feel when you finally have to step inside a kitchen for the first time and whip out something delicious to eat.

Some of you may already know the art of cooking or baking, but many of us don’t even know the basics (because probably we haven’t done it at our place back home).

Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet – cooking is a fun hobby idea for newlywed women who want to make the most of their free time.

If you are completely new to cooking, how about learning to cook delicious Indian dishes from the best YouTube channels in India!

In times of emergency, this skill could save you money and bring you health.

Plus, you will get to impress your husband and in-laws with delicious, sumptuous home cooked food!




Getting involved in an art form like drawing, crafts, decoration, etc. can be a great activity for newlywed women.

Maybe you liked to draw, doodle or paint in your childhood or teenage years but you couldn’t find time to do it due to work and professional life?

If that resonates with you, I recommend you to pick up a craft hobby like Fabric Painting or Origami. You will not only get to explore your artistic side but you can also impress your family with your creations.

Practicing a craft hobby can also help you to bond with your child better – if you need proof, check out this mommy blogger who practices DIY craft activities with her toddler!

Learning a craft hobby will automatically take the stress out of your life and fill you with a new zeal and calmness.

Plus, if you have a husband who is also artistically inclined, you will get a common theme to talk about and deepen your bond!

Over To You

As a newlywed bride, I know we have a lot of things to manage. After all, life completely changes after moving in with your partner.

But does that mean we give up on our dreams, passions and interests? I don’t think so!

Hobbies are a great way to bring back the fun and joy in life. Plus, if you are a stay-at-home bride, you probably have a lot of time that can be spend in learning something new.

No, you don’t have to be perfect at anything to learn – simply start without worrying too much. Find your interests (or pick any activity from the list above).

If you are interested to learn, you can easily find the best hobby classes near you with MillionCenters.com – Happy Learning!


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