It's Official! Exercise makes you happier than money

It's Official! Exercise makes you happier than money

  • 11/07/2019

What is the secret to being happy?

The answer to this question depends on the person who is answering the question. For most people, money can buy a lot of things that can make them happy in the short-term.

Keeping the money debate aside, if there’ something that can certainly make everyone happy in the long-run, it has now been found!

Don’t worry, it’s not a magic potion or a deep buried secret that only a privileged few can have – it is something that we all know and have probably at least once in our lives.

It’s Exercise.

Don’t be surprised - a recent study conducted by researchers at universities like Yale and Oxford has uncovered the relation between regular physical activity and mental mood and happiness.


So, what’s the link between exercising and happiness, you may ask?

Before we discuss that, let’s try to understand how happiness works for humans.


Why we feel happy?


We feel happy when certain body chemicals or ‘hormones’ are produced. Primarily, there are four hormones of happiness (Endorphins, Dopamine, Sertonin and Oxytocin) that are responsible for our happy state of mind.

Out of these four, endorphins are the major pain receders or hormones that block pain.

When we exercise, our body produces endorphins and help us cope with the pain associated with working out or exercising rigorously.

This is exactly why you feel happy and energetic after working out!

Enough science, let’s talk about the study which linked exercising daily with happiness.


The Study Conducted

For the study, about 1.2 million people from the United States, 18 years or older in age were considered for the survey and researchers compared the number of bad mental health reported days between those people who exercised regularly and those who did not.

The research balanced the different factors like age, sex, income, race, marital status and education level to ensure non-biased results and fair conclusions.

On an average, people who claimed to do any form of physical exercise like playing a sport, working out or simply running on a daily basis felt less burden on their mental health and tackled issues like stress and anxiety easily.

Results from the study found out that people who exercised regularly tended to feel low and unhappy for about 35 days in a year, as compared to those who skipped regular exercise and felt bad for about 53 days in a year.

Thus, it can be concluded that physical exercise on a regular basis leads to mental happiness and emotional well-being.

Plus, exercising also boosts your confidence and eases anxiety.


Is exercising the healthy hack you need to be happy in your life?

The answer is – Yes (but in moderation).

Although exercising daily can boost your mental health, however, one must be mindful and aware about how much exercise and workout is good for health.

Don’t go overboard trying to work out your muscles because too much of exercise can also be detrimental to your health.

Keep it simple and give yourself 30-60 minutes of exercising in a day, and you’ll be healthy, active and happy!


Are you ready to feel healthy and happy?



If you are ready to invest in your mental health and happiness, now is the time to start!

No, you don’t have to sign up for an expensive gym membership to start, a simple physical activity like running can do wonders for your body and mind.

For those who are more serious about their physical and mental health, should seek out a fitness trainer for support or even join a fitness centre, zumba class or yoga academy near you to get started.

It is clear that exercising regularly has numerous benefits for your mind, body and soul, the only question now is – when are you going to start?

Exercise, and be happy!


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