Impact on Fitness industry of Covid19

Impact on Fitness industry of Covid19

  • 19/04/2020

COVID-19 hits the Fitness Industry


The coronavirus has strengthened its grip lately. The fear of infection has forced people to practice social distance and quarantine at home. While these measures are essential to fight and contain the virus, they have caused many industries to plummet. Travel, hospitality, tech, energy, and retail take the hardest hit. But the fitness industry is dealing with its fair share of turmoil too. Since the government has ordered a complete shutdown of nonessential services, gyms, training centers, and health clubs bearing its brunt. However, the fitness supplies industry is trying to keep up with the demand. It is a mixed bag.

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Even before the shutdown was announced, many gyms and fitness companies had announced temporary - yet indefinite - closure. These closures have dragged millions of workers in this sector - business owners, their employees, and the self-employed, to sudden financial uncertainty. Be is a small local gym with 2 treadmills and a CrossFit, to huge companies like Gold’s Gym and Cultfit, none are spared. The industry is crumbling under the burden of COVID-19, bearing significant losses. This has also compelled the employers to lay off the staff temporarily. It is obvious that if the situation doesn't improve, bouncing back will be a struggle. A long quarantine could also be a tipping point in consumer behavior. And rightly so because the at-home fitness brands are recording a surge in their sales, surpassing those of the big-chain fitness clubs’ recently.


So how is the fitness industry coping with this new challenge?


The silver-lining for this industry is that even during a pandemic, it has the option of not entirely losing its clientele - by moving its business online. And people too responded to the shift positively. As a result, the digital fitness solution demand has sky-rocketed. Online platforms provide a direct connection between the physical activities facilities and the members. Hence, almost overnight, this $100 billion industry went virtual.

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This digital push has provided people with online classes, live streams, and personal training sessions on live meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp FaceTime, etc. Even Instagram live has become a boon for trainers. Many are offering a number of subscription fee relief options, software upgrades, and add-ons completely free of charge. This has accelerated the release of their integrated, VOD services. In fact, many fitness outlets have experienced measurable growth since shifting to an online format. The workout-from-home concept is helping the gym-junkies stay fit even during a lockdown.

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The health experts say some amount of physical activity and workout is essential to boost your immunity. Hence, people who are not regular gym-goers are also trying to keep their immunity up by working out at home. Here again, the fitness industry’s digital shift has proven to be advantageous for all. Be it yoga, HIIT or cardio, easy accessibility of these online has helped attract new customers.





Gym equipment and gadgets see a skyrocketing demand


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As most people are staying home, working out at home isn’t just about fitness and immunity anymore. It also helps in maintaining one’s sanity in such indefinite, testing times. People are pledging to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, during the lockdown. Hence, most workout gears have gone out-of-stock on online spaces. Kettleball, dumbbells, and resistance bands are selling like hotcakes. The gym supplies industry is definitely seeing an unprecedented leap in business. The use of fitness apps and gadgets has also tripled. They are becoming a preventive and proactive tool for health checks among people.





The spread of the novel Coronavirus has initiated a transformation in the fitness industry. It has compelled the players to establish a strong online presence and keep the connection alive. Additionally, consumer gadgets and apps are soon going to make technological breakthroughs, thanks to the data they churn out.


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This successful shift to a digital medium proves that the customer base of the industry is highly loyal. Hence, it will be a factor in helping the gyms and fitness studios recover after the lockdown is lifted. But most importantly, the creativity and adaptability of the fitness industry have helped it stay afloat through this crisis. The digital transformation can be considered a new level-up for the industry.


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