How to teach effectively in a classroom

How to teach effectively in a classroom

  • 17/08/2019

The way to get educated is changing rapidly. Students are tech experts and can find all their solutions on Google. So, teachers, you need to change the game.

Try to accommodate these effective teaching methods to make your teaching more effective in the classroom.


1) Make classroom interactive

Education is a two-way communication process.

Try to have interactive classroom sessions with your students.

Be open to the input of students. No teaching can be effective without feedback.

If they want you to teach them in the latest styles, then try to accommodate it in your skills.

If you are teaching online, then you can ask the students to fill up online feedback forms after each chapter. A rating would also do. Also, make sure you don’t get de-motivated by negative feedback. Be positive and try to improve.


2) Understand your students

One of the qualities of a good teacher is to know the students. What they prefer to read, their requirements, financial conditions or maybe an emotional trauma that any of them may have gone through. Know what they need to learn from your teachings. Try to get along with the children. It is essential that you love your job. You can only ace if you have a passion for teaching. Put all your efforts in making a progressive environment of class and optimism to know your students better.


3) Use unique ways of teaching

Try to experiment with your lessons. You can include poetry in math, or formulas in literature. Organize class debates, teamwork assignments, role play, etc. to teach the students uniquely. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You never know which methodology can help your students to grasp the subject effortlessly.

Online tuition teachers can also organize open discussion forums, master-classes and opinion videos for the students.


4) Create a secure environment

Often you may feel that students opting for your home tuitions are insecure. Try to make your class safe. Even in schools and universities, teach students in a secure environment. In addition, you can decorate your class with happy and educative posters, class photos to get their faith. Ensure them that they are safe and they can feel free to learn.


5) Devise a plan and curriculum

Set goals. It is essential that you keep everything transparent and updated. Before proceeding with your new semester or a chapter, make sure you analyze it beforehand, and prepare the sections accordingly.

Ask your students to read the chapters in the class. This method would also help them grasp the different components of the chapter.

Try to teach the easy chapters first and then begin with the hard ones.  Set your tests, surprise exams, and doubt sessions once in two weeks to know how much the kids have learnt. Keep your teaching method simple.


6) Organize a parent-teacher meeting

This is something necessary outside the class.

Having a good relationship with parents/guardians is as vital as having one with the student. This helps you maintain clarity between the students and their parents. Organize PTA meeting from time to time. Explain to them about the flaws and strengths of their child. Communicating with the parents can help the students to develop their personality and confidence. In case you are conducting online tuitions, then make sure you mail essential reports and mark sheets to the guardians.



Teachers play a very important role in shaping up students.

So, they must give their all to raise well educated children.

They should try to make studies as unique and interesting as possible, and always be kind and understanding to the students.


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