How to start your tuition centre

How to start your tuition centre

  • 27/06/2019



Want to start your own tuition centre but lack the knowledge? Read this article to find out about the important factors you should keep in mind before starting your tuition business.

Starting a tuition centre is just like starting your own small business. The classes start from a small level and the success depends upon the quality of service.

Starting a coaching centre or tuition classes depends on various factors. A pre planning is required for a smooth establishment.

In this article you will get to know about various factors which play a major role in establishment of the same. At the same time, one would learn about the tuition managing tools.






Finding a place is the first and most important factor to open a centre. It is important to find a suitable place as it would attract students and the staff. It should be near a metro station, or a bus stand.

The place should be such that it attracts a lot of students, so it could be near any residential area. It is preferable to not opt for a place that is a hub of coaching centres as it will increase the competition.


Creating online presence is a one step ahead for establishing the tuition centre. The online presence means building a website or taking help of social media to build your brand.

A website can be made by hiring developers or outsourcing your work to web developers. A website would give all the information about the coaching institute, which cannot be compiled in a single brochure.

An online platform is easy to target students and offers better results as compared to offline marketing.



Digital Marketing is another way of online marketing that helps you to spend less and a get a lot in return.

 It involves using methods like search engine optimisation to advertise your platform on the internet and social media sites.

You may require a separate team for the same if you can spend a little more. Remember to have a solid marketing strategy to promote your tuition centre if you want to grow.



Now days, online courses are becoming famous which offer video lectures and online assignments.

If a student could not attend class due to some reason, these courses can be studied at the comfort of home.

However, it is advisable that the tuition classes have a facility of offline classes that helps to build a student-teacher relationship and a good learning environment. So you must spend some time on planning online and offline coaching, both.



Once a centre is established, it is important to focus on its management. It involves students’ and staff’s attendance management, staff’s payroll management etc.

For this, you can take help of online software that are cloud based and tools that are user friendly and easy to handle.

Also, there are many useful apps for tutors to help you manage different aspects of running your tuition centre such as – attendance, communication, inventory etc.


The last step is to gather the faculty and the tuition staff. The job seekers will get to know about your classes through advertisement.

You should process and accept the resumes of the to-be employees.

You must keep a form for students and get it filled, as it may help you with the information in future.



In all, it is not too difficult to start your own tuition centre if you are passionate about it.

With consistent efforts and providing good quality education, you will be able to establish a successful centre and help all your students along the way.



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