How to start your own music classes

How to start your own music classes

  • 28/05/2019

Teaching music is a part of every working musician's earnings.

In case you've got a fantastic head for business, then there are numerous advantages to beginning your music classes and earn while you follow your passion!

However, getting started with your music lessons can be hard work (but don’t worry as we are here to help). 

If you are ready to start your music school or music institute, read how you can take your first step to a successful music teaching business –



1. Find out your individuality

Your instruction studio is a company, and you must provide some type of personality to that company. Then that could be a fantastic idea if teaching is the thing and what you need to do.

It provides your company with a type of validity and really can help with branding. Developing a brand new name and internet presence for your studio really can raise your workload (essentially like running two small companies rather than one), so frequently, the best choice is to just follow your name.

Your name can be a selling point when seeking to attract students if you can achieve recognition as a participant.


2. Choose a place

Where are you going to educate? Working your instruction studio is an excellent alternative if your house area is comfy, clean, and well armed. This is hard if you live with roommates or within a flat with neighbors. Then the solution is to lease space if that is true for you. 

Sometimes, music stores also open their space to music teachers who can attract students and in turn, help them sell instruments. 

Though this can be expensive, renting from a place outside your house can add a bit more validity to a business and therefore permit you to charge a higher rate to compensate for the rent.


3. Establish your price correctly

There are several things that you need to work on while deciding your cost. Amount of audio instructions, years of teaching experience, and your years of playing experience plays a part in deciding the fees of your lessons.

Do not be afraid to modify your rates as you gain expertise, and as soon as you begin getting a clearer idea about what your time is worth.


4. Create your coverage

Lay your lesson coverages outside and have clear arrangements with your pupils from the first semester, in writing.

What is your policy on cosmetics lessons and lesson cancellations? What kinds of payment do you take in, how should the student cover?  Are students charged if your prices vary, or are only new students charged?

All these questions should have a clear answer. 


5. Collect resources/materials

Nothing says ‘expert’ like preparedness. Every teacher must be prepared and equipped with teaching materials and resources.

Be it sight reading books, finger exercise books and song chord charts, your music lessons are incomplete without the right teaching materials.

So, make sure to collect enough music related material to offer your students a unique opportunity to learn.


6. Make your studio exceptional

Making your studio exceptional is a great way to distinguish yourself from other music teachers. Setting up a studio that is equipped with the latest music equipment and important facilities like recording gear will help your students.

You can also add interesting posters and art in your music studio to inspire your students and create a positive environment for teaching.


7. Establish your online presence

Now that you have got a proper identity, you should begin preparing an internet presence.

You may wish to think about creating a site and networking pages especially if you are starting a new company identity with its name. The more comfortable you are to be discovered, the more students you may attract!

Here’s why having an online presence is critical to your success as a music teacher.


8. Advertise Your Services

When you first begin, you are going to need to work to receive your leads.

For advertising, you will need a marketing plan to promote your music school.

Printing out a flyer and posting it up to colleges, sites, and coffee stores can assist your visibility. Do not be reluctant to reach out to family and your friends if they have any leads to find out!

Also, establish your network via word-of-mouth and try to get recommendations to from your existing students.


Final Words

If you think you have the essential qualities to be a music teacher, there’s no looking back!

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