How to make time for your hobbies after becoming a mother

How to make time for your hobbies after becoming a mother

  • 24/04/2019

Motherhood is the start of a new and beautiful journey – you now have a new life to care for and thus, everything changes for you all over again.

Life with your baby is busy, and we understand that but there are ways you can manage your time to follow your interests.

Most mothers get so engrossed in keeping up with the baby that they rarely get the time and energy to make time for a hobby in life.

However, motherhood doesn't mean the end of learning or pursuing your hobbies! 



You must be wondering – why having a hobby is important?

Did you know most mothers suffer from post-partum depression and anxiety? Science has proven that having a hobby can help you beat stress.

Doing anything you love can help you stay happy and joyous in life – and it’s no surprise that happy parents are better parents!

We admit it is easier said than done – so here are some tips new mothers can utilize to make time for learning and living a purpose driven life.


Plan Your Time:

After having a baby, most of your time will be revolved around your little bundle of joy (and it should be that way).

Still, there are ways you can manage your time better to follow your interests. Here is our time-management guide to get you started.

Especially when your baby is asleep or your child is young and out playing, you can pick up things you love.

A hobby could be painting, reading, drawing, yoga, writing or even embroidery – the idea is to make time for following your interests (whenever you get free time).

Even mothers who are not stay-at-home can take some time after work to follow a hobby or interest – if you are one, here are some amazing hobby ideas for working women.


Seek Company:

Learning new things becomes easy (and a lot more fun) especially when you have company.

For new moms, the best thing to do is to find company of mothers who want to learn something new in their free time.

In case you are clueless about how to seek company of like-minded mothers, we can recommend you to check out hobby clubs in your city.

Meetups are another popular way to familiarize yourself with what’s happening in your city. You are more likely to meet like-minded women who share similar passion or interests while attending a meetup in your city. 

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Get Support

Being a mother isn’t an easy job – your entire life revolves around the growth, development and well-being of your child.

Thus, it is important to get support from your husband, in-laws and anyone you can count on. It could also be your neighbour or anyone in your new family.

Similarly, when it comes to learning a hobby or following an interest, don’t be afraid to ask for support.

Be it for managing some of the household chores or caring for your little one, you can ask for help to make time for doing things that you want to do.

Maybe your husband can lend a supportive hand while you immerse yourself in a fun and relaxing hobby – if you never ask, you’ll never know!


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Get Inspiration:

Following your hobby, interest or passion everyday requires discipline and inspiration.

New mothers might struggle to find inspiration around them, especially when most of their time, attention and energy are spent caring for the child. Plus, the mood swings that might come your way can also keep you from staying motivated to pursue a hobby.

So, you wonder how to get inspired?

Well, inspiration is all around you, you just need to seek it. Read blogs on parenting, crafts, hobbies and learning new things. Subscribe to magazines and YouTube channels that can help you stay inspired.

For exampleKinshoo Agarwal is a mother-turned-blogger who shares her craft journey with her kid through a blog.


In Conclusion


Making time for hobbies after motherhood is an amazing feeling, especially when you can still make time for your child and other duties.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you and your child could bond over mutual hobbies and interests?

Creative hobbies like fabric painting and embroidery or even a basic activity like cooking or baking can help you de-stress and keep boredom at bay. Once you try these, you’d be surprised how much joy and relaxation you’ll feel!

At MillionCenters, we are all about promoting the joy of learning new things to stay happy, creative and stress-free in our lives.  

If you are looking for hobby classes near you, simply start searching on our online platform and learn something new!


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