How to make the most of stay at home activities during Covid

How to make the most of stay at home activities during Covid

  • 18/04/2020

How to make the most of stay at home activities during Covid


The rising death toll due to Covid-19, the coronavirus, has had a significant impact globally in a manner that was unanticipated. With the increasing spread of the virus, Covid-19 has been declared as a pandemic worldwide. At the time of writing, over more than 230000 cases have been reported, and around 9000 deaths are recorded. Many health experts aver that the worst is yet to come and that the next few months will be crucial. Tsunami-like transmission of the virus across the world can have catastrophic effects. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to enforce draconian quarantine measures and effective testing protocols.


 With this outbreak gaining steam in India, governments around the country are shutting down schools, colleges, offices, bars, restaurants to prevent mass gatherings. To keep you safe during this pandemic, many of you may be facing hours, days, and weeks at home. At this period of staying at home, keep yourselves busy doing activities that will indulge you in doing something creative rather than sitting the whole day idle in front of your digital devices. Do things that will make you happy, stress-free, and creative.


Here we have come up with ways to entertain yourselves at home during this pandemic.

There are a lot of ways to learn while having fun at home.


  • Make your home a gymnasium- As most of the aerobics and gyms have been shut, but this doesn't mean that you must compromise with your body and health. There are some natural props you can use to make your calories burn. Set the music and dance. This is a form of aerobic.


  • Kitchen activities-Everyone in the house will need to eat, so why don't you turn your kitchen into an innovative and interactive lab of feeding? At breakfast, let your little ones break the eggs and tell them to whip it up. Show them cooking techniques. Dissect apples, kiwis, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, and discuss different parts of the fruit with your kids and finally serve it to the family members to keep everyone hale and hearty.



  • Set up a Home theatre- Organize a movie theatre at your home with light outs. Enjoy movies, web series with popcorns.



  • Sit in your balcony or backyard-Go and play with your kids in your backyard or balcony. Get some fresh air and sunshine. Let your kids engage themselves in innocent fun activities and let them broaden their horizons.



  • Clean and manage your wardrobes - If you do not find enough time in your hectic schedule to maintain your closets, then this is the best time for you to do so. Clean your wardrobes, segregate clothes according to the season and manage it.



  • Help family in dusting and sweeping activities- As women of the house do not get any holiday from their household activities, so it is the responsibility of other members who are at home for days and weeks to help and share the responsibility in dusting, sweeping, cooking and other activities.



  • Many e-learning platforms such as Coursera, Byju’s have announced that their complete app is going to be free for school students till the end of April. E-learning platforms are stepping in with their services to prevent the educational year from being interrupted. The pandemic also gives the platforms a chance to market themselves and find prospective customers. Such initiatives are taken up so that kids won't get affected. So kindly utilise this time.

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  • Play interactive games and puzzles with your children to keep you and your kids busy.
  • Read journals, novels, inspirational books to soothe your mind.


Admittedly, this is an unprecedented crisis that demands a multipronged and extraordinary response from our end. From what we know, we are only at the beginning of this miserable crisis. We should not lose hope against this contagion. This, too, shall pass. At this peak hour, we need to strain all our resources in mounting a response that meets the deadly virus in all its ramifications.





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